The cause of insulator aging

by:Mings     2020-07-09

although insulator is used widely, and the performance is excellent, but the insulation performance of the insulator with the use of the extension of time will gradually reduce and even complete loss, need regular maintenance and replacement, replacement and the maintenance of insulator we'll talk about in the next articles, this article focuses on the cause of insulator aging.

first, insulator running if filth in damp environment, under the influence of lightning flashover arc and leak current, will affect the surface of the insulator aging, followed by long-term mechanical and electrical composite or temperature change caused by aging, the above two is called the 'years aging'.

'for aging' caused the main reasons are: one is the hygroscopicity of porcelain, namely in the use of porcelain will absorb moisture and gradually reduce dielectric strength of the outside world, the second is that because the general plastic loaded within the structure of suspension insulator used in the foot binding adhesive cement and steel, iron cap, porcelain each are not identical, thermal expansion coefficient of temperature change is also different, so can make porcelain received compressive stress and shear stress, and influenced by the local stress and fatigue effect.

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