The causes of failure and wire and cable testing methods

by:Mings     2020-06-30

in real life, once the cable fault occurs, will not be able to provide electricity, this will lead to people's work and the production will be affected, so, in the event of a failure, after be a solution as soon as possible. Actually there are many reasons, will lead to the emergence of the cable fault, only a careful analysis of the reasons, and reasonably, to find the cause of the problem, and with the right solution. In the current issue of the article, power technology company's technical staff will introduce you to the causes of failure and wire and cable test methods.

a. Failure cause of wire and cable:

1, wiring harness terminal oxidation as the wiring harness terminal is completely oxidized, or has been deformation, can also cause wire poor contact or short circuit, so that the wire down.

2, wiring harness natural aging or damage to the use of time more than life, wire insulation layer began to slowly opened and mechanical strength began to decline, time is long can easily lead to the short circuit, open circuit of the wire and the wire, iron, etc.

3, electrical equipment failure, and because a situation in which electric equipment overload, short circuit, resulting in a wiring harness failure.

4, artificial reason: the last one is the cause of failure for improper operation, such as wiring harness installation position is not reasonable, wrong wiring harness and electrical equipment, repair the damage the wiring harness parts, etc.

2. Fault detection and evaluation of the wire and cable:

a: iron burn out the laws of the wire and cable is the circuit of power supply system, which point take iron, electronic wiring harness is burned, the two burn out and complete parts of the wire at that point can be to take the iron; If the electronic wiring harness burn out to a certain connection parts of the electrical equipment, indicates the electrical equipment failure.

short circuit: impact by external kneading, wire and cable, wire insulation damage electronic wiring harness, short circuit between the wire and make some electrical equipment is out of control, safety fuse.

discriminant, through to the electrical equipment power supply, touch, or pull the plug of electrical equipment, when touching a splicing machine, the electrical equipment operation normal, abnormal, the plug is defective.

discriminant, the guide of doubt circuit may be high temperature resistant wire and wire terminal tensile experiment, in the process of tensile experiment, such as wire insulation layer gradually attenuate, can admit the conductor has open circuit. Fault in poor contact, plug in. Poor contact plug device: when the fault occurs, causes the electric equipment can't normal operation.

discriminant, and controlling switch electrical equipment may be opened at both ends of electronic wiring harness plug, with a meter or light detection circuit of short circuit. Break: wire open circuit fault, in addition to the significant crack appearance, rare fault occurs between the wire and wire terminals. After some wire break, outer insulating layer and wire terminal shape, but a wire conductor and wire terminals have been cut-off.

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