The causes of HTV silicone rubber composite insulator flashover occurred - Hydrophobic reduce reasons of silicone rubber insulator, not silicone rubber insulator

by:Mings     2020-04-29
3. 4 the causes of HTV silicone rubber composite insulator flashover occurred 3. 4. 1 HTV silicone rubber umbrella cover under the normal operation of the flashover sometimes in normal under power frequency voltage, especially the long time running in high humidity weather or contaminated HTV silicone rubber composite insulator flashover may, with the discharge mechanism of hydrophobic composite insulator is different from hydrophilic porcelain and glass insulator. Same creepage distance and hydrophobic fine, the valid creepage distance of composite insulator porcelain and glass insulator; When the composite insulator hydrophobic fell to HC5 level and above, its valid creepage distance may be a small porcelain and glass insulator. In running after some years of HTV silicone rubber umbrella cover degradation is the hidden trouble of the flashover of composite insulators. 3. 4. 2 under the hydrophobic reduce state of HTV silicone rubber insulator flashover run HTV silicone rubber of hydrophobic reduce leads to wet power frequency withstand voltage value of the composite insulator to reduce 10% one 30%, defile the withstand voltage value of power frequency drop 1's amplitude of 30% 40%. Power frequency electric strength decreased obviously flashover is one of the reasons. 3. 4. 3 shape of HTV silicone rubber composite insulators umbrella skirt if unreasonable hydrophobic partial or complete loss, disc diameter, spacing and small umbrella, under the condition of high humidity atmosphere are prone to fly between umbrella skirt short arc phenomenon, and reduce the intensity of electric. This is one of the main reasons of flashover of composite insulators, what should cause manufacturing enterprises and operation department. 3. 5 have been taken to improve the electrical properties of silicone rubber insulator measures 3. 5. 1 install equalizing device 220 kv line was not at the end of composite insulator in high pressure equalizing device installation, installation of equalizing device or on the high and low voltage side when installing equalizing device respectively, near the high voltage side * a umbrella skirt on the potential distribution of operating voltage 17 respectively. 2%, 12. 4% and 10. 1%, the installation of equalizing device greatly reduces the high voltage side attachment junction potential, make its power frequency electric properties are improved greatly. Install cover depth respectively 40 mm and 75 mm round after equalizing device, near the high voltage side the potential distribution in the second umbrella skirt 21 of operating voltage. 3% and 12. Cover 2%, and the potential distribution curve of a depth of 75 mm insulator than cover depth is 40 mm insulator of potential distribution curve more evenly, cover depth of equalizing device in potential distribution of the impact is bigger. When equalizing device's outfit, insulator high pressure on the potential distribution account for 19% of the operating voltage, higher than when not installed equalizing device 1. 8% of equalizing device installed correctly has great influence on the electrical properties of the composite insulator. 3. 5. 2 improve umbrella of hydrophobic silicone rubber insulator according to the experience of running the formulation, improve H d v silicone rubber insulator in high humidity, strong ultraviolet ray, high altitude, cold, cold regions such as the operation of the hydrophobic in HC1 - commonly HC4 level can satisfy completely the requirements of operation. 3. 5. Three optimization of silicone rubber insulators umbrella skirt shape according to the principle of aerodynamics and external insulation coordination, umbrella skirt shape optimization. The umbrella is two big umbrella plate size is 200 - 250 mm, the spacing between big umbrella is 130 - 150 mm this enhances the valid creepage distance of unit umbrella, also greatly reduced, silicone rubber insulator in normal working conditions under the condition of high humidity atmosphere of power frequency voltage flashover, namely under the condition of high humidity atmosphere, composite hydrophobic fell to porcelain insulator, glass insulator of hydrophobic level. Equivalent of a 160 xP disc hanging the operation of porcelain and glass insulator. Relative in the early 1998 years ago, composite insulator, composite insulator of hydrophobic improved at present, combined with the optimization of the umbrella skirt shape, so the unit has greatly increased the valid creepage distance of umbrella. 5 the future research direction of RTV silicone rubber silicone rubber insulator technical parameters meet or exceed the DL/T864 - The revision of the 2003 rules level: DL/T627 - 2004, especially for RTV silicone hydrophobic classification operation and recovery features, loss characteristics, migration features of criterion to rules. Increasing use of HTV silicone rubber composite insulator, the HTV silicone rubber composite insulator in different regions and of the conditions of the running environment degradation performance. In high humidity, strong ultraviolet ray, high altitude, cold, cold regions such as the operation experience, on the basis of constantly optimize, improve, improve the formula. Especially for the DC composite insulator. Strive to increase its service life to 30 years; Further optimize formula to improve silicone hydrophobic transference, hydrophobic recovery; To further optimize the umbrella, especially in the heavy rain, ice, umbrella under high altitude. To further optimize the structure of equalizing device, make its can improve the potential distribution, protect insulator from the arc burns, protect the insulator for tracking and electric erosion and result in the destruction of the sealing performance. Research on the discharge mechanism of hydrophobic composite insulator, artificial contamination test method one by one solid layer method. 【 On a message: post insulator detection technology introduced, the application of the post insulator detection technology 】 【 The next message: degradation characteristics and measures of HTV silicone rubber insulator 】
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