The cautions of load switch

by:Mings     2020-04-16
General arc extinguishing device with simple, but its structure is simple. The graph is a kind of pneumatic type high voltage load switch, its working process is: break-brake, under the action of break-brake spring, shaft clockwise rotation, on the one hand, through the slider-crank mechanism makes the piston moving up, the gas compression; On the other hand through the transmission system composed of two sets of four bar linkage, make the main knife opens first, then push arcing knife open arc contact, the compressed air in cylinder through the nozzle arc blow out. Load switch attention A, vertical installation, switch frame, switching mechanism, cable sheath, protection of steel pipe shall be reliable grounding, Can't series earthing) 。 B, should be done before running several times and close operation, the no-load rotational parts no jam, closing in place, break-brake after enough safe distance. C, and the load switch in series fuse melts should be selected properly, which should make the fault current is greater than the load switch open circuit ability assure melt fuse first, and then load switch to brake. D, good contacts, when closing connection without overheating, check should be paid attention to when checking dirt, crack, porcelain, porcelain insulator flash discharge phenomenon; On the switch can't flush ( Indoor type) 。 ( A high voltage control of a transformer, replace the fuse * * * * * * suspended high voltage around the loop. )
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