The choice of high voltage insulator equalizing ring method and correct installation position

by:Mings     2020-05-02
Selection method of high voltage insulator equalizing ring high voltage insulator with high pressure equalizing ring bar suspension insulator, main purpose is to protect high voltage insulator surface burns, use galvanized iron equalizing ring compared with the past, it has light weight, equalizing effect is good, strong corrosion resistance, install and use the advantages of more convenient. When users in the use of insulator equalizing ring please pay attention to the following: 1, high voltage insulator equalizing ring and galvanized iron equalizing ring diameter is roughly same, installation direction is the same. 2, 66 kv and below the voltage class don't need to be equipped with high voltage insulator equalizing ring 3, 110 kv voltage grade of high voltage insulator can be equipped with equalizing ring, can also according to the requirement of the user in the high pressure side install an equalizing ring 4, 220 kv voltage class of the high-voltage insulator in the high voltage side install a pressure ring, or according to the requirement of the user in the upper and lower ends are equipped with pressure equalizing ring high voltage insulator ring right equalizing ring of the installation position of the composite insulator installation and simple, but are often not taken seriously by people, in fact, as long as carefully read the product instruction for use, but now most of the high voltage insulator manufacturer's product, all have installed on the end position equalizing ring the specified device, but still found some incorrect erection construction units for equalizing ring or reverse loading, equalizing ring after the outfit, not only can't have uniform effect of high voltage insulator, will also have a significant impact on line operation, particularly is to open all the installation of pressure ring, should differ according to the shape of the tower, the wire is arranged in a different way, the opening direction is different. And pay close attention to is that high voltage insulator in the upper and lower installation equalizing ring, the opening direction must be consistent. 【 On a message: composite insulator precautions 】 packaging and transportation 【 A message: under high voltage insulator sampling test to determine and repeat test procedure 】
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