The choice of selection principle of composite insulator, composite insulator

by:Mings     2020-05-06
Selection principle of composite insulator, composite insulator selection of 5. 1 general principle in the new extension, or reconstruction in power transmission and transformation project, the choice of the insulator should follow & other; Mature technology, good technology, reliable quality, have experience in running & throughout; The principle of. Before new product batch use, commissioning time shall not be less than 1 year. Product trial quantity not less than 220 kv and below 200 & middot; Years; 330 kv and above product commissioning amount not less than 90 & middot; Years. 5. 2 material insulator umbrella skirt and sheath material should meet the standard 4. Article 3 the requirements. Insulator mandrel shall meet this standard 4. Article 4 the requirements. 5. 3 insulator umbrella skirt shape 5. 3. * small distance between 1 umbrella ( C) The size umbrella recommended C value should not be less than 70 mm, equivalent diameter umbrella recommended values should not be less than 40 mmo5 C. 3. 2 creepage coefficient ( CF) For class I and class II, recommend the CF should be not more than 3. 2; III. W level pollution level, recommend the CF should be not more than 3. 5. 5. 4 equalizing device of high voltage insulator end should have good shielding measures, should be the correct selection and use of equalizing device. Voltage is 110 kv and below grade product can be installed in high voltage side only an equalizing device, but the high-voltage side pressure device and the earthing terminal shall meet the requirements of work quite arc level of child. Above of 220 kv voltage class products in the high pressure side and grounding and the installation of a pressure device. 5. 5 the choice of electrical properties insulation level must satisfy GB311. 1 and DLfr620 requirements, at the same time, should consider to use the environment and operating conditions, including its importance, reliability, operation and maintenance of economy and the change of pollution, etc. Under the given contour with salt density, artificial contamination power frequency withstand voltage should satisfy long working voltage of the request: or according to JB/I '8460, request to choose. 5. 5 6 mechanical characteristics. 6. 1 rated mechanical tensile load rated mechanical tensile load of the composite insulator should be selected from the following grades: 00, 70, 1, 1, 1, 60 20 ( 180). , 10 (2 240). , 3, 00400, and 530 kn. General appropriate insulator under * big load is not more than 1/305 of its rated load. 6. 2 the provisions of the test load for new commissioning of 500 kv voltage class product, should press B in appendix B. Mechanical damage load experiment was carried out according to article 4. The collapse load average minus 3 times the standard deviation should be no less than the rated mechanical load. To 5. 6. Article 1 of the 180 kn and 240 kn in two levels of mechanical load rating is 160 kn and 210 kn e insulator in use if given the force such as compression, torsion, bending, test load values should be resolved by the supply and demand both sides talks things over. 5. More than 7 special requirements for high altitudes and minefield insulator, its size should be resolved by the supply and demand both sides talks things over. Recommend the stretched or 1 - series 2 pieces of porcelain glass insulator. Effective measures should be taken for the sound frequency region. Effects of ice should strengthen the measures to prevent ice flash, the market size, large, medium and small size umbrella umbrella is recommended for the structure. 5. 8 interchangeability composite insulator, porcelain and glass insulator replacement should be considered in addition to size, electrical and mechanical load properties of equivalent exchange, should also be checking of composite insulator monsoon distance and wire sag. 5. Nine other insulator for electric power system, this standard recommend: a) Umbrella cover material selection of silicone rubber insulating material; b) Insulator metal accessories on both ends of assembly process USES pressure welding craft: c) 330 kv and above products with resistance to stress corrosion of mandrel. 【 On a message: the test method of composite insulator, composite insulator trial 】 【 The next message: high voltage insulator technical requirements 】
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