The classification of high voltage insulator, high-voltage insulator electrical performance and mechanical strength

by:Mings     2020-05-14
Classification of high voltage insulator, and high voltage insulator electrical performance and mechanical strength of high voltage insulator commonly known as porcelain, high voltage insulator is the conductor can be assured and cross arm, the tower has enough insulation, to lead in the running of vertical load and horizontal pulling force, and to withstand sun, rain, climate change and chemical corrosion. High voltage insulator, therefore, should not only have good electrical properties, and adequate mechanical strength. For the classification of high voltage insulator, according to the different ways have different types. Specific as follows: according to the structure can be divided into the post insulator, suspension insulator, anti-pollution insulator and bushing. Commonly used are used in overhead line insulator, pin insulator, butterfly insulator, hanging porcelain insulator, porcelain crossarm, rod insulator and taut insulator, etc. A fault has electrical properties of high voltage insulator flashover and breakdown. Flashover on the insulator surface, visible to burn mark, usually do not lose insulation performance; Breakdown occurs in the interior of the insulator, through iron cap and porcelain body discharge between iron feet, the aspect may not see traces, but has lost its insulation performance, can make insulator with produce arc completely damaged. For breakdown, should pay attention to check the discharge of iron foot marks and burn. The safe operation of high voltage insulator depends on line is very important, therefore, deng rui electric prompts you must according to the actual situation to choose the appropriate insulator. 【 On a message: high voltage insulator product structure characteristics and the ability to resist lightning 】 【 The next message: CT secondary test method of over-voltage protector 】
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