The classification of the silicone rubber composite insulator - Silicone rubber insulator containing aluminum hydroxide, outdoor cable accessories with insulator

by:Mings     2020-04-29
The classification of the silicone rubber composite insulator according to the characteristics of before vulcanization silicone rubber can be divided into two categories, solid and liquid, can also according to the mechanism of sulfide into peroxide vulcanizing, sulfide addition reaction and condensation reaction vulcanized three categories. The difference of solid and liquid silicone rubber is the molecular weight of polysiloxane. Solid state can use peroxide vulcanized silicone rubber insulator and the addition reaction of sulfide response to any of the commonly referred to as high temperature vulcanized rubber ( HTV) And heat vulcanized rubber ( HCR) While using the sulfide addition reaction of liquid at room temperature can also be vulcanized silicone rubber material, but due to the molding methods and different curing temperature is called liquid silicone rubber ( LSR) And low temperature vulcanized rubber ( LTV) And two-component room temperature vulcanized rubber ( RTV) And so on. In the manufacturing of polymer insulator, usually can use injection molding in and injection molding in. One-component condensation reaction ( Wet air sulfide) Silicon rubber, they can be used for building sealant and electrical, electronic products, such as useful for electricity USES solvent dilution type room temperature vulcanization silicone rubber coating, by spraying as protection materials for ceramic insulators. 3. 1 by adding aluminum hydroxide in the silicone rubber insulator high filling content of aluminum hydroxide ( ATH) , can obtain good tracking resistance and arc resistance of silicone rubber. Filling quality of aluminum hydroxide silicone rubber insulator with 50 qualified resistant to high voltage ( 4. 5kV) Tracking, and has a good arc resistance, weather resistance, salt fog resistance and resistance to acid rain, etc. , can be used as insulation material in salt fog heavy area. However, because this kind of silicone rubber for high fill ATH, so its defect is high viscosity ( Plasticity) , low mechanical strength, etc. 3. 2 does not contain aluminum hydroxide silicone rubber insulator in the absence of salt fog inland regions such as Europe, due to its pollution is small, so don't fill ATH silicone rubber can be used. On this occasion, by choosing appropriate silicone rubber, white carbon black surface processing, add tracking resistance can be improved with the agent to improve the hydrophobicity, satisfies the requirement of high pressure tracking resistance. Compared with silicone containing ATH, it is low viscosity, the physical and mechanical properties and electrical properties are superior. 3. 3 outdoor cable accessories with insulator due to is for the use of outdoor cable accessories, so must have tracking resistance composite insulator. By using the crosslinking density after adjustment of polymer materials with low * * elongation properties can be, used in room temperature contraction ( Low temperature shrinkage) Of the products. 3. 4 indoor cable accessories with insulator because it is indoor use of cable accessories, so the influence of salt fog possibility is very small, so often don't need to have tracking performance. In normal temperature contraction ( Low temperature shrinkage) Occasions, it is necessary to have still low * * deformation characteristics. 3. 5 spray coating purposes if serious pollution in part of the silicone rubber coating, can keep good hydrophobic for a long time. Also can according to the degree of pollution to coating has been set of insulator, continue to use, in order to achieve the purpose of cost savings. * recent reports said, if the coating of silicone rubber insulator can further maintain insulator hydrophobicity. There are two type insulator coating and rubber insulator type. More than 4 conclusion silicone polymer insulator material are introduced. Current research institutions and manufacturers is in constant study and test, if in the durability test to prove its reliability is high, you can predict the application of silicone rubber insulator will further expand. 【 On a message: post insulator rupture reason analysis, post insulator overview 】 【 Under a message: the characteristics of silicone rubber composite insulator, composite insulator, the advantages of the silicone rubber composite insulator performance 】
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