The classification of the transformer and the effect

by:Mings     2020-04-26
Transformer is a special transformer, its original, deputy winding connection line in the primary and secondary circuits. Current transformer TA in various voltage ac circuits, the original winding in series in a circuit, and deputy winding and measuring instrument or relay coil in series. TV used in high voltage transformer voltage of 000 v 1 or more communication devices, the original winding parallel within a circuit, and deputy winding and measuring instrument or relay voltage coils in parallel connection. The effect of transformer has the following several aspects: ( 1) To a circuit of high voltage and large current into a secondary loop standard value, usually secondary voltage rating of 100 w, the rated secondary current is 5 a, standardize measuring and protection device, and the insulation level of secondary equipment can design according to the low voltage, and light structure, low price. ( 2) All secondary equipment available to low voltage, low current control cable connection, makes the wiring inside the screen is simple and convenient installation. At the same time, convenient for centralized management, which can realize remote control and measurement. ( 3) Secondary loop is not restricted by a circuit, can use Y, delta or v-shaped connection, thus convenient wiring. At the same time, the secondary equipment maintenance, change and adjustment test, do not need to interrupt a running of the system, and only change the secondary wiring can be realized properly. ( 4) The secondary equipment and staff from the high voltage part, and the transformer secondary side are grounded, to ensure that the equipment and personal safety. In ac circuits, the commonly used transformer to convert the high voltage to low voltage, high current is converted into small current, then again for measurement, control, protection. Such not only can increase the measuring range, easy to instrument standardization, reduce the control and protection equipment of the voltage and current, and make the instrument and equipment or high voltage circuit, ensure the safety of instruments, equipment and personnel.
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