The cold cable accessories applications and advantages

by:Mings     2020-06-30

it is well known that the cold cable accessories has a very wide range of application scope, so small make up in this article with micro electric power company to introduce the cold cable accessories applications and advantages. Hope to be of service, we take a look at the following:

early cold shrink cable terminal head just additional parts adopt silicon rubber insulation from the cold, zone of stress field processing is still in the form of stress cone or around the package type. Now generally adopt cold shrinkage stress control tube, from 10 kv to 35 kv voltage level. Cold shrink cable joint, 1 kv level using cold contraction insulation tube reinforced insulation, 10 kv level with joint semiconduction shielding layer inside and outside the cold contraction insulation parts.

cold cable accessories is the use of elastomer materials ( Commonly used with silicone rubber and ethylene propylene rubber) Injection of vulcanization molding in the factory, then through hole enlargement, lined with plastic screw support constitute parts of various kinds of cable accessories. On-site installation, the pre expansion woolly, in after processing, the end of the cable or tapping out internal support article plastic screw ( Support) , the pressure on the cable insulation and cable accessories. Because it is in the room temperature by elastic retraction force, rather than the heat shrinkable cable accessories to use heat shrink, commonly known as the cold shrink cable accessories. Early cold shrink cable terminal head just additional parts adopt silicon rubber insulation from the cold, electric field treatment still USES the stress cone type or stress belt around the package type.

it must be noted that, before installation on the cable, the prefabricated parts is no tension of cable accessories, cable accessories and cold contraction is under a state of high tension, so in the period of storage, must ensure that the cold contraction type should be no obvious permanent deformation of the parts or elastic stress relaxation, or installed on the cable after can't guarantee enough elastic clamping force, which can guarantee good interface characteristic.

when using thermal shrinkage busbar protection casing matters that should pay attention to?

1, the contraction of the heat shrinkable casing has a fixed proportion, and the insulation of the heat shrinkable casing pressure on the casing thickness contraction after, so on the selection must be in accordance with the method prescribed by the product manuals on - — Different size of bus using the corresponding specifications of the casing.

2, copper, aluminum bus in the production, storage, handling, tin coating process is easy to cause surface scratch, burr, heat shrinkable casing in heating contraction mainly rely on the huge internal stress and shrinkage in order to achieve the purpose, and the heating condition of heat shrinkable casing softer. At this time if there is a sharp burr in the surface of copper aluminum busbar, heat shrinkable casing will be scratched, the result is heat shrinkable casing instant cracking or run crack after a period of time. So be sure to check before contraction have copper and aluminum bus without burr and corresponding processing copper aluminum busbar surface smooth.

3, based on the mechanism of mentioned in item 2, before the use of continuous heat shrinkable casing, while the number of according to the specific needs of casing cutting, must guarantee the incision is smooth, cannot appear zigzag incisions.

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