The cold cable accessories support article how to make

by:Mings     2020-07-14

cable accessories it is can be used in the middle of the cable ontology to connect or cable terminals and transmission line equipment connected devices, usually 1 - 35 kv cable accessories currently used much variety is cold type of cable accessories, shrinkage cable accessories, support the process of making it mainly include pressure welding, ultrasonic welding, hot air welding. Small make up today to explain the cold cable accessories support article should be how to make?

article cold cable accessories support it is used in polypropylene as raw materials, extrusion into bite card on every note, and then use a dedicated machine card buckled into specific pressure inside the cylinder, according to the specific length cut and ends with a welding torch welding, can't let it loose, after expansion good cold cable accessories of all kinds of components, put a head back through the support of the internal and do a drawing head, that is, when the installing spare fuses, to lead a good welding, make the finished cold cable accessories products.

we know PP material price is relatively low, the intensity will be larger, however, production is simple, relatively mechanical equipment is also very simple, to support the internal binding force is evenly distributed, install extract, can get very good control of the power. But if the imperfection of the craft, improper material selection is likely to trigger support a loose, very weak, so that the failure cause can't install the cable attachment, production process is very complicated, at the same time is artificial cost, it is difficult to realize mechanization and automation of continuous production, in the round pipe, not using the withhold, but melted to form local PP raw material melting point of ultrasonic bonding together, tensile entered does not need special spot welding.

when we are in accordance with the above method to make, you will have to save labor costs, solder connection strength, support is not easy to deformation, can be converted into continuous automatic production, but sometimes will affect the installation of the user experience, so good quality support article can make cold cable products graces many. Article from the point above the current market, cold support production generally there are three kinds of process, pressure welding, ultrasonic welding, hot air welding. These processes to pressure welding and ultrasonic applications more extensive, hot air welding application manufacturer is relatively less. In short, each have each advantages, also have their shortcomings, article mainly support in use can be extracted, just make sure the product before using deformation, good in use, low cost can pull.

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