The cold cable accessories voltage is introduced

by:Mings     2020-06-28
In our daily cable accessories selection in addition to encounter heat shrinkable cable accessories, shrinkage cable accessories, cable accessories varieties and link method such as the selection of common sense, and often involves a kind of cable accessories selection of common sense, is the voltage level of cable accessories. Let's know is normally 1 kv, 10 kv, and all kinds of 20 kv, 35 kv cable accessories, but sometimes we will encounter a for 8. 7/15 kv cable accessories, come into contact with the cable accessories for the first time at the brotherhood that don't understand, don't know these two kinds of cable accessories show that the voltage ratings similarities and differences. First of all, we should know about the relevant voltage wire and cable, and the results show that the method and the existing low voltage cable: the nominal voltage of the cable shall use U0 / U to show that U is the voltage between the cable conductor and the conductor when planning, U0 is the cable conductor to metal mask when planning between voltage ( Brief says is a conductor to ground voltage) 。 In China, usually to indicate that the voltage rating of the cable with U, this is completely in the early days after foundation of new China to choose to stay and the habits of the former Soviet union specification, suggests 10 kv cable actually refers to the 6/10 kv or 8. 7/10 kv cable, 6/10 kv cable is the first system of 10 kv cable, 8. 7/10 kv cable is the second system of 10 kv cable, 6/6 kv cable is the second system of 6 kv cable, 8. 7/15 kv cable is the first of 15 kv cable system. Can't because of the 6/6 kv cable and 6/10 kv cable structure thought they are same 10 kv cables. 8. 7/10 kv cable and 6/10 kv cable insulation thickness is not the same, but they are indeed 10 kv voltage level cable, and is applied in 10 kv voltage grade of transmission and substation lines, grounding method is not the same as the center of the line only. 8. 7/10 kv cable used to center the useful grounding of 10 kv line, 6/10 kv cable used in center of useful grounding ( Or directly grounding) The 10 kv line. China's 10 kv cable line most useful to center of the grounding system, so use of 8. 7/10 kv cable is more, center line also has a useful grounding system, for example, in the railway, center of petrochemical system is useful grounding of 10 kv line. The west center of 10 kv cable line most to useful grounding ( Or directly grounding) System, 6/10 kv ( Or 6. 35/11kV) Cable with more. Now China's electric power system voltage grade 220/380 v ( 0. 4kV) 3 kv 6 kv、10 kv, 20 kv、35 kv, 66千伏、110千伏、220千伏、330千伏、500千伏。 With motor manufacturing technology progress, 10 kv motor has batch production, so the 3 kv and 6 kv has less use of 20 kv, 66 kv and seldom used. Give priority to with 10 kv, 35 kv power supply system. Give priority to with more than 110 kv power transmission and distribution system. Power plant generators have 6 kv and 10 kv, now is given priority to with 10 kv, users are 220/380 v ( 0. 4kV) Low pressure system. On the basis of urban power grid planning rules rules rules: the grid for 500 kv, 330 kv, 220 kv, 110 kv, high voltage power distribution lines of 110 kv, 66 kv, medium voltage distribution network of 20 kv, 10 kv and 6 kv, low voltage power distribution network is 0. 4kV( 220V/380V) 。 Power plants announced 6 kv and 10 kv electricity, in addition to the power plant itself ( Auxiliary power) , 10 kv voltage can also be used to power plant near the users, the scale of 10 kv power supply for 35 kv, 10 km, is 20 ~ 50 km, 66 kv is 30 ~ 100 km, 110 kv is 50 ~ 150 km, 220 kv to 100 kv ~ 300 km, 330 to 200 ~ 600 km, 500 kv to 150 ~ 850 km. About electric power line, we often encounter YJV perhaps YJVV crosslinking the voltage rating of the cable types often: 0. 6/1kv 3。 6/6kv, 6/6kv 6/10kv 8。 7/10kv 8。 7/15kv、12/20kv 18/20kv、18/30kv 21/35kv 26/35kv。
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