The comparison of porcelain insulator and glass insulator

by:Mings     2020-07-09

raw materials mainly choose ceramic porcelain insulator, glass insulator material is toughened glass more, in addition, a silicone rubber composite insulator.

at present, most of the high voltage overhead line USES is the three categories, the birth of the porcelain insulator for a long time, have many years of operating experience, reliable operation, but with zero value detection gentle and fouling resistance shortcomings such as poor; And glass insulator have thirty years of operating experience, has the characteristics of porcelain insulator, easy maintenance, running is good, welcome by users.

ceramic insulator is in commonly run 15 years to 20 years, insulation are lower than the factory standard value, and the fraction defective will increase year by year, the maintenance is not ideal. And the stability and dispersion of glass insulator performance is better than porcelain insulator, with high frequency vibration fatigue test came to the conclusion that the glass insulator electrical and mechanical strength decreased obviously, the reason to cause this kind of reason, because of manufacturing factors, caused by dispersion.

and in addition to the above comparison, the glass insulator has the characteristics of light and convenient.

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