The composite insulator

by:Mings     2020-05-08
Composite insulator considerations for composite insulator metal accessories metalfi ttingo fa c ompositor metal accessories is a device of composite insulator, and it support structure, wires, equipment parts or other connected insulator 3. 7 connection area connection zone transfer of load between mandrel and metal accessories section. 3. 8 connection coupling connector is part of metal accessories, through this section can be load by external attachments is passed on to the high voltage insulator. 3. Nine trace tracking on mark is due to the channel is formed on the surface of the insulation materials and the development of an irreversible degradation phenomenon, the channel even in dry condition is conductive. The mark can produce on the surface of the contact with air, also can produce on the interfaces between different insulating materials. 3. 10 dendritic channels treeing dendritic channels are formed by material internal micro channel, is a kind of irreversible degradation phenomenon, this passage might or might not conductive conductive, the microchannel can gradually extends to produce electrical damage in the material 3. 11 pitting erosion is pitting on the surface of composite insulator in the loss of material is a kind of irreversible and non-conductive degradation phenomenon. This kind of erosion is likely to be uniform and partial or dendritic note: like porcelain insulator, composite insulator usually occurs after the partial flashover & other; Dendritic shallow surface traces. This marks as long as it is not conductive without obstruction, when it is conductive should belong to the mark. 3. 12 pulverization ( Ashing) chalking( 繁荣) Certain pulverization is the umbrella cover material filler particles form a rough or powder on the surface of the phenomenon. 3. 13 cracks crazing crack is about 0. 0 1m m- 0. The surface of the 1 m m tiny cracks. 3. 14 crack crack depth of more than 1 m m any surface crack. 3. 15 hydrolysis phenomenon hydorlysisp henomena produced by liquid or gaseous form of water infiltration and the phenomenon of hydrolysis, it could occur within the suspension insulator material, which can lead to electrical and ( Or) Mechanical degradation of the On a message: ceramic insulator technical specification 】 【 The next message: composite insulator mandrel and umbrella cover 】
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