The composite insulator hardware connections

by:Mings     2020-07-07
Composite insulator end joint structure refers to the structure of hardware is connected to the mandrel, there are mainly adhesive type, wedge type and pressure type 3 kinds. Because installation joint shield of sub areas usually mandrel caused a certain degree of stress concentration, therefore, joint structure is the weak link of composite insulator mechanical properties. And improve the existing joint structure, design, excellent performance of new type of joint is the effective measure to improve overall mechanical properties of insulator. At present each big manufacturers are only adopted abroad type joint, pressure to our country in 1999 successfully developed by tsinghua university and insulator manufacturer cooperation pressure insulator products. Crimping type joint, as a kind of new form of joint structure, has the practical features of low cost, high efficiency. Mechanical properties at the same time, in some ways has its unique advantages: such as good short - and long-term static load performance, dynamic performance and the improvement may be produced on the end seal, etc. At present has been widely used abroad for pressure welding craft, but there are few published literature, and on how pressure welding process applying the technology of testing to ensure the effect of pressure is almost no public reports. This chapter will the mechanical properties of joint hardware materials and different structure was summarized, and emphatically introduces pressure type joint structure research.
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