The composite insulator have what advantage?

by:Mings     2020-05-06
We all know that the composite insulator is made of flame retardant insulation core rod, silicon rubber umbrella set and ends with the connection of three parts. It is the advantage of the composite insulator has prompted it is widely used in the present life, we all know what are the advantages? The following porcelain manufacturer to talk to you love. 1. Flame retardant insulation core rod is short for epoxy resin glass fiber led pull rod, it is the skeleton of composite insulator, plays an umbrella cover, inner insulation and hardware on both ends of the connection, and accept the multiple effect such as mechanical load, has the very high tensile strength, generally can reach more than 600 mpa, 2 times that of general steel, porcelain material 5 ~ 8 times, and have excellent dielectric function and chemical corrosion resistance, and excellent resistance to bending fatigue, creep resistance and impact resistance. 2, the flame retardant silicone rubber umbrella set fire, light weight, small volume, not easily broken, high tensile strength, filthy function strong characteristics. Different types have different effects, flame retardant silicone rubber insulator structure height and creepage interval also each are not identical, first used in substation, flame retardant silicone rubber insulator has excellent hydrophobic tracking resistance, aging resistance, and electrical erosion resistance, high tensile strength and bending strength of its high mechanical strength, impact resistant function, shockproof and brittle fracture prevention effect is good, light weight, convenient equipment protection, the top and bottom end equipment standards and the corresponding pillar porcelain insulator equipment standards, the same exchange use. The piercing type lightning protection pin insulator. Composite cross arm insulator can effectively use the narrow corridor open pressure transmission, can drop tower height, can save a lot of manpower and material resources and financial resources, because of its high bending strength, can prevent the porcelain crossarm simple cascade cracking accident, porcelain crossarm are no substitute products; Small volume, light weight, shock, impact resistant capability is strong, does not need manual cleaning, to ensure safe operating supplies. Of insulator, can bring must respect and safety for use, easy to use in repair. Can be used in electric power plays an important effect and value, is a good product performance advantages advantages of scores of insulator insulator: : degree is big, the quality of light. Can reduce the tower stress, the strength of reducing device protection, save a lot of costs. Because the rod core has a high tensile strength of insulator can do very easy. Good aging resistance of insulator. Of insulator has good corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, still resilient under 70 degrees Celsius, can be long-term operation under 20 degrees Celsius. Plate type of hanging porcelain insulator pollution flashover. Of insulator surface is hydrophobic, water on a particle is not easy to form a conductive path with umbrella plate of small diameter, large distance of insulator, high surface resistance and leakage current small so have higher lightning pressure. Of insulator has small volume, light quality. Because of small volume, light quality of insulator, and umbrella plate is flexible, not easily damaged, so to bring great convenience transportation, installation and protection.
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