The composite insulator production process

by:Mings     2020-05-08
。 Composite insulator for composite insulator products production technology, our country has not yet set * * and industry standards. The international electrotechnical commission made the technical report of IEC61462 type 2 the composite insulator & ndash; — Definition, test methods, acceptance criteria, and design recommendations '. On the basis of the file, each manufacturer make the enterprise standard, determine the composite insulator related terms, definitions, test methods, etc. According to the regulation of IEC61462, insulator should withstand the design test, type test, sampling test and full test. Composite insulator by at least two insulating parts, namely, a fiber reinforced plastic ( FRP) Made of insulation pipe, a suit with silicone rubber material to the outside of the insulating tube ( RTV我{ 【 1 V or LSR) The umbrella cover and pour in a of insulation at the ends of the pipe end accessories. Insulation pipe made of glass fiber reinforced plastic ( FRP) , which is internal insulation of composite insulator, two features for internal insulation and mechanical load. Silicon rubber umbrella cover is outer insulation of composite insulators, by the good hydrophobic and fouling resistance of silicone rubber material, it is laden with protecting insulation pipe fittings from the influence of external environment, and provide larger creepage distance, in order to improve the level of external insulation. End the attachment is the structure of the composite insulator important components, connected by special technology, together with the insulation pipe pouring in, bear the mechanical load and provide internal seal. End attachment, usually in high strength aluminum alloy with a metal mould low pressure casting molding, has a good mechanical strength and corrosion resistance. Due to all kinds of electrical equipment has the respective technical requirements, in accordance with the requirements of composite insulator models will be put forward different mechanical properties, electrical properties and insulating properties and other technical indicators, therefore, in view of the different electrical equipment, the design of composite insulator manufacturer must put forward different technology, the process scheme, where the size of the main structure parts design, material selection and manufacturing process method, etc, according to the electric equipment of form a complete set of conditions of use and technology organization and performance requirements and to ensure the long-term stability of the product in the running state, weatherability, reliability. For example, organic material is very sensitive to temperature, if the composite insulator in the surrounding temperature has good mechanical properties, so when temperature increase or reduce its mechanical properties should not be reduced. FRP pipe materials and bonding the adhesive attachment end of the temperature stability of the mechanical properties of high voltage insulator function is very important. Circuit breaker and the use of composite insulator transformer products, its bending and internal pressure limit, different requirements according to the characteristics of the lining of the corrosion resistance of requirements are different, so the insulating tube design, material selection and manufacturing methods are not the same. So electrical equipment use of composite insulator in design, manufacturing technology is much more complex than the line composite insulator. 【 On a message: what should be paid attention to high voltage insulator in the lines 】 【 The next message: composite insulator manufacturing variety 】
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