The composite post insulator for the safe operation of the circuit is very important

by:Mings     2020-05-18

composite post insulator is our often applied to electric power equipment of electric power industry, the reasonable use, will bring some help to our work, improve the efficiency of our work, in order to be able to let us know more to our products, in the content below small make up for all of us to do detailed introduction.

composite post insulator can be in the middle of the run wires under vertical load and horizontal pulling force. He also suffering from climate change and chemical corrosion so want feel good electrical properties and has enough mechanical strength, the stand or fall of it is very important for the safe operation of the circuit, the overhead line used in the commonly used have pin insulator, insulator pillar insulator, suspension insulator, and so on, its electrical properties failure flashover and breakdown. Whereabouts in insulator surface can see burns usually do not lose the insulation performance, breakdown occurs in the interior of the insulator discharge, it can through the iron foot iron cap magnet aspect may not see is very low, but has lost its insulation performance arc also may thus make insulator completely destroyed.

through our today for composite post insulator related knowledge introduction, believe that all of us for product knowledge have more understanding. Our products can be very good in our electric power industry has been very good applications. And can play very well.

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