The composite post insulator good uv protection function

by:Mings     2020-05-17

composite post insulator is our factory main production and operation of a product, the product's performance is very good, its application is very popular among people, here small make up in order to can let you more understand the product, today to bring us a piece about about composite post insulator.

composite post insulator this product has very excellent uv resistance ability, can very good uv protection, avoid people or other things by uv irradiation. The product also has the performance characteristics of corrosion damage and can't afford to mark. The product has small size, light weight, so light weight greatly save the installation transportation cost, and it tends to be no crane, and particularly suitable for emergency repair and transport line can't close to mountain line erection, maintenance; Can simplify the structure of tower, the larger span is allowed ( Reduce the number of poles) ; And provide the conditions for the development of compact line. It also has good performance. Silicon rubber umbrella cover material surface is not only in the new time is hydrophobic, and under the condition of the line running, when hydrophobic temporarily lost, also can restore its hydrophobic. Water formed in the surface water, liquid silicone rubber is very thin film basically engulfed unclean, thus inhibiting the ionic substances dissolved in the water, provides high surface resistance, reduce the leakage current, improve the defiled flashover voltage.

small make up today for everyone on the knowledge of the composite post insulator, got here today. In real life, it is very important to the application of the product, if you have any need to all of our products, we welcome you all calls to contact consulting our staff. We welcome your calls.

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