The composition of electrical porcelain material and process is introduced

by:Mings     2020-07-08
< P> electric porcelain of machinery industry standard JB/T 5896 - 91 pairs of siliceous porcelain ( General electric porcelain) For the definition of billet by made from clay, feldspar, quartz, ordinary porcelain, widely used in general in the high and low pressure insulator, its main chemical composition S102 is approximately 70%, Al2 03 20% or slightly higher. For aluminum porcelain is defined as the billet alumina was added into the raw material to replace silicon in the porcelain parts made of silicon oxide materials and electrical porcelain, its mechanical strength higher than that of siliceous porcelain, main chemical composition Al2 03 levels at 40% or slightly higher. Through the survey of domestic main electrical porcelain, electric porcelain material composition analysis and comprehensive domestic and foreign relevant literature, composed of electrical porcelain - in table 1 1 all kinds of electrical porcelain material chemical composition is roughly as shown in table 1 Within the range of 4. Table 1 - 4 Ⅳ classes and V class high alumina content in aluminum porcelain T102 content is higher because of the vast majority of domestic cichang the price cheaper calcined alumina bauxite as raw materials, and bauxite in Ti02 can be as high as 4% ~ 5%. If the calcined industrial alumina raw material is titanium dioxide oxide content in alumina porcelain such harmful impurities can be reduced to zero. Within 5%. < / P>
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