The concept and use of power cable accessories

by:Mings     2020-06-25

it is well known that the power cable accessories ( English name: Cable Accessories) , it is the connecting cable and transmission and distribution lines and related distribution equipment products, generally refers to cable line in the middle of the cable connection and terminal connections, it with the cable together form the electricity transmission network; With the rapid development of science and technology in our country, power cable accessories as a kind of high-tech products, is now gradually be used by ordinary families.

cable accessories of the core concepts: refers to used for the connection between the cable or cable line and the connection between the electric equipment, ensure reliable power transmission components. Cable accessories mainly, according to the features of various cable structure, can not only recover the performance of the cable, and ensure the extension of the length of the cable and terminal connection. Reliability evaluation of various kinds of high and low voltage cable accessories from electrical performance, sealed moisture-proof performance, mechanical properties and process performance, etc.

we would be to say below is how to use the cable accessories. First from the heat shrinkable cable accessories and heat shrinkable cable accessories when used according to the installation instructions first put each widget is good, and then begin to heat contraction, of course, this process of heating as small make up before the said heat shrinkable tube heating process, be careful not to let the attachment between the cable and bubble, results in uneven contraction.

we again to say the use of cold shrink cable accessories, cold relatively hot shrinkage is more easy and convenient to operate, the cold cable accessories only after a set of good article extract support can, without heat shrink naturally.

now commonly used cable accessories are: cable terminal, cable intermediate joint, insulation puncture clamp, cable clamp, cable waterproof glue box, connecting pipe and terminal blocks, wiring trough, cable tray of the steel plate, etc.

1。 The use of cable joint stress levels according to the national standards can be divided into 1, 10, 35 kv and above high voltage cable connector.

2。 The lines of two ends of cable joint is called terminal, also called cable terminal.

3。 The classification of the commonly used forms are: package type, water type, molding type, cold type and heat type, prefabricated type, etc.

4。 After the cable laying good, in order to make it a continuous line, every line must be connected to a whole cable accessories, these points is called a cable connector ( Or is called the 'head' - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - A connection is widely used in cable accessories parts) 。

5。 Cable joint, according to the contract process can be divided into hot shrinkage high voltage cable terminal, cold high voltage cable terminal.

6。 Cable line in the middle part of the cable joint is called the middle connector. Also known as the cable connection in the middle.

7。 Cable terminal head and cable intermediate joint always called cable head, or a general designation or cable connector cable accessories.

cable accessories standards:

1. Is correct installation process, and correct, and strictly observe operation procedures, electricity test and verified, shall be put into operation.

2。 Cable accessories design must be reasonable, the factory of cable accessories with the performance of the components, parts or materials to meet the requirements of the corresponding standard; Through the inspection before the factory.

3。 Is in the cable accessories all contain a cable, ontology and cable insulation quality must be reliable, otherwise will directly affect the performance reliability of cable accessories. To eliminate the possibility of failure from the carrier.

the main factors influencing the quality of cable accessories include the following aspects:

1. Electrical insulation

2. The influence of the quality of the cable and cable laying;

3。 Environmental impact, such as sun, rain, pollution, temperature changes, etc.

4。 The installation process, is primarily to technological rationality and technical personnel;

cable accessories as a key node in power transportation, will play an increasingly important role. Thus we can see that cable accessories have been gradually accepted and popular is because the cable accessories itself by powerful attributes to consumers, fashion trend is bound to be changed according to the be fond of of people, so the cold cable has become more and more popular because the lock has made great people's life.

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