The current situation of medium voltage cable accessories

by:Mings     2020-07-17
Separable adjacent device allows the cable and the rest of the equipment and cable to connect or disconnect the fully insulated cable accessories, such as terminal, connector and branch number one. Can distinguish between adjacent esteem to the use of things are fully sealed switchgear, inflatable ring unit, cable branch box, such as configuration, may be regarded as a new type of cable terminals. And more use of prefabricated type terminal layout. Cable conductor, insulation, shielding and covering the four main structure layer, cable accessories, as an integral part of the cable line cable terminal in the head, middle joint, must make the four layer structure of the cable to identify continued, and complete the conductors adjacent to the superior, insulation and reliable, good sealing and adequate mechanical strength, to ensure that the cable terminals and cable joint character, talent guarantee that all the power cable distribution collected consistence. From the structure, the basic equivalent cold cable accessories with prefabricated cable accessories, only is some differences on material performance and disposal. Use of thermosetting resin casting cable accessories materials, cast in place after processing, the cable or discussed at the end of the mold or box body, after curing of cable accessories. Part is suitable for plastic extrusion insulated cables and interconnection of impregnated paper insulated cable. Commonly used at present, according to the main insulation molding process, up to and including 35 kv cable terminal and secondary can be divided into the middle joint around the package type, heat shrinkable type, cold type and prefabricated type and so on four kind of often use the product type. In addition there are used in a specific product range of casting type and evacuation cable accessories products. Heat shrinkable cable accessories of polymer 'elastic memory' effect of the existence of reasonable, develop all kinds of heat shrink tubing, branch thermal extend the fabrication, such as the rain skirt and so on, in order a suit, in by the disposal of the cable at the beginning of punishment or tapping on the heating, can make its compression tight hoop in the desired location. Heat shrinkable cable accessories process and lighter, the price high, easy to maintain. But there are also because circumstances temperature change its inevitable exist 'breath' to inspire and extend service life caused by such achievement, thus affecting the power supply reliable sex.
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