The current situation of the development of high voltage insulator

by:Mings     2020-04-28
Current situation of the development of high voltage insulator line composite insulators in the table below for the proportion of three kinds of main types of insulator, as can be seen from the table, nearly five years of composite insulator share increase greatly. At present the whole insulator industry production has more than 5 million only. This data is after compared with porcelain insulator and glass insulator quantity statistics. Porcelain composite insulator glass 35 total statistics. 28 32%. 35 84%. Insulator statistical 23 84% over the past five years. 05% of 29. 41 81%. 14% power station compound high voltage insulator composite high-voltage insulator has started mass used, are developing more product range, the actual application amount, proportion is not big, its huge potential for development. 4. 2 high voltage insulator current technology status of spraying technology: with silicone rubber is widely used in paint, spraying is becoming the focus of the promotion technology. Before spraying mainly in the construction site operations, such as power stations, but with the increase of its application, technology maturity, spraying completely can be done at the factory directly, so the automation of spraying has become a trend. Automatic spraying operation high production efficiency, with factory manufacturing advantage, good hydrophobic, mobility and self-cleaning, etc. Silicone rubber molding: early because of the limitation of the quality and structure development is slow. Within the high voltage insulator have early wedge, the wedge type and binding type, is the mainstream of the structure type pressure at present. The extensive use of the in China is the end pressure welding process, the injection process of silicon rubber umbrella skirt. The main advantages of this process is the interface quality is better, the whole process is stable and mature. Now * large diameter product injection process technology and equipment are out of China. Forming technology has driven the development of the rapid development of molding equipment, mainly reflects in large-scale injection machine, mixer, Kneading machine) And the mold of the scale. Large scale of HTV silicone rubber injection machine dominated by China silicon rubber injection machine is also China's promotion and enlarge application; Mixer is gradually references in the field of polyurethane, silicone rubber, and further promotion. Aging life: China mainly through the actual operation and simulation test method of HTV, LSR, RTV material aging life study. Operating experience prove that China's high temperature HTV silicone rubber insulation composite insulator can locate for more than 25 years service life, design life 30 ~ 50 years; The life of RTV 5 ~ 10 years ( The service life of the related to structural design) 。 Silicone rubber material aging main show is: mobility reduce, hydrophobic, electrical pitting, pulverization, craze, tracking and hardening, etc. Previous evaluation way notice pulverization, craze, tracking and hardening index. And the new evaluation way in addition to the above requirements, attach more importance to reduced mobility and hydrophobic reduce, electrical erosion index, at the same time aging design life must also be extended to 50 years. Silicone rubber material aging factors are mainly electrical and environmental stress, including electric field intensity, ultraviolet light, moisture, chemical corrosion, erosion, weathering, filthy and thermal stress, etc. For different regions and different high voltage insulator, integrated all sorts of factors should be taken, what factor is the main reason. These factors on the material life of deeper influence is still in the further research. Product standards: at present, the main products of standard system of the international electrotechnical commission ( IEC) , GB, ISO and standard, etc. Due to factors such as research and application of IEC and GB, ISO and the weak, such as the mark of China is the IEC and GB standards that are widely used in the system. Gm's several standard mainly include: IEC 61109, IEC 61462 and IEC 62217. The IEC 61109 since 1992, it is mainly in view of the line insulator, this standard is technically mature *, * experienced so far standards; IEC 61462 starting in 1998, mainly for electrical equipment. With the development and improvement of the standard system has been mature and perfect. 5 behold composite high-voltage insulator has many advantages, such as resistance to high carrying capacity, mechanical properties, reliable, small size and light weight, etc. , has witnessed a gradual replacement of porcelain and glass insulator trend, dosage and the proportion will gradually increase. Power system in high voltage ac and dc system construction and the development of intelligent power grid, the higher request of equipment reliability and the fouling resistance, composite insulator in these areas are the advantages of high voltage insulator can't than. Especially in the field of dc engineering application, since it has the superiority of maintenance cost is low, its consumption will increase a lot. With * * the development of urbanization, urban rail transit, the application in the field of electrified railway will also gradually increase. On the technology research and development, composite insulator has yet to be in power plant product development, life span, structural design and application of product standardization, the depth of the further research. Need to focus on product development and life aspects expand product variety, product life for a long time study, material long-term characteristic and special environment application research; Structure design requires extensive on product reliability, economy, scientific research; On the standardized application, should pay attention to standardization of engineering design, product serialization, standardization of equipment and tooling and standardized research. In a word, should be in the aspect of basic theory, technology and manufacturing technology to carry out in-depth research, enables the composite high-voltage insulator industry to health, the strength of scientific development' Composite insulator standard 】 a message: 【 High voltage insulator under a message: transmission line development 】
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