The daily maintenance of insulator

by:Mings     2020-07-08

in order to prevent damage of insulator aging occur accident, Beijing heng electrical insulator manufacturer remind you must daily maintenance according to the following four:

( 1) Regular cleaning the insulator. Before the arrival of pollution flashover accident season every year, must be a general cleaning for insulator; Serious in polluted areas, should be appropriate to increase the number cleaning.

( 2) Increase the creepage distance, improve the level of insulation. Insulator piece number, such as increased impurity region or use dust insulator. Operating experience shows that in the serious polluted area, adopting the dustproof insulator, antifouling effect is better.

( 3) The dustproof coatings, the mineral wax, paraffin wax, organic silicon material coated on the surface of the insulator, such as to improve the insulator pollution resistance. If the insulator coated with the dust on the coating, the rain falls on the rest, will form the drip down along the insulator surface, won't make insulator surface wetting, not reduce the insulation level of insulator flashover. In addition, surrounded by dust coating and the effect of impurity particles, make it from the rain, keep the insulation performance of the insulator.

( 4) Strengthen the inspection tour, regular testing insulator, poor insulator timely replacement.

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