The dangers of high pressure on transmission line insulator is known in bad weather

by:Mings     2020-05-05
Bad weather the harm of high voltage insulator for transmission lines is a kind of natural disasters for transmission lines, wide range, continue to snow to melt ice and snow for a longer time, rime and glaze and regional continue to fog. Easy to form a wide range of high voltage insulator ice ice arcing fault. In recent years, influenced by global warming, less rainfall, mild winter temperatures continue to in - Between 810 ℃ and easy to form fog, the weather around the temperature 0 ℃ to continue a long time, easier to appear rime glaze, snowmelt and rain and snow. At the same time as the line running environment bad from time to time, tiny dust is suspended in the atmosphere as the droplets deposition of the condensation will make the surface concentration of sudden increased atmospheric pollution, continue to the fog of high voltage insulator contamination by more wet sedimentation. High voltage insulator surface ice or ice bridge, - 5 ℃ or so. Dielectric strength drops, reveal that distance. Body surface or in the process of melting ice ice ice crystals on the surface of the body surface water film will soon dissolve impurity content in the electrolyte, improve the conductivity of the melting ice water or ice water film, cause the distortion of high voltage insulator string voltage distribution. As the voltage on both ends of the high-voltage insulator has risen sharply, still can cause single chip high-voltage insulator surface distortion of voltage distribution, so as to reduce the ice flashover voltage of high voltage insulator string. At the same time, the melt is usually accompanied by fog, impurity particles from the atmosphere as a condensation nucleus contains in the fog, will make the high voltage insulator ice melts ice water conductivity increase further. On the test data indicate that ice is heavier, the voltage distribution distortion, the greater the pressure on both ends of the insulator string especially in high voltage side the higher the percentage of high voltage insulator withstand voltage & quot; With the increase of water conductivity, under the action of power frequency voltage, leakage current has increased in from time to time, increases to a certain level, the formation of flashover channel, the line tripping. In this paper, the information collected by composite insulator manufacturer's red electrical finishing. Reprint please indicate the: http://www. fxbw4。 com/c_sitemap/ 【 A message: prevent high voltage insulator ice arcing fault method 】 【 The next message: composite insulator requirement for metal accessories 】
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