The degradation of HTV silicone rubber insulator characteristics and measures

by:Mings     2020-05-13
2. 4 based on the degradation characteristics of HTV silicone rubber insulator have taken measures to 2. 4. 1 HT technology parameters of the silicone rubber insulator 2 improvement. 4. * small thickness of sheath 2 improve insulator for 330 kv and below the line of silicone rubber insulator sheath used * small thickness of not less than 3. 5 mm, 550 kv line of silicone rubber insulator sheath used * small thickness of not less than 4. 5 mm, 750 kv lines using silicone rubber insulator * small thickness of sheath line 5. 0 mm, 1000 kv lines using silicone rubber insulator * small thickness of sheath should be no less than 6. 0mm。 2. 4. 3 to strengthen the testing requirements of HTv silicone rubber insulator performance of silicone rubber materials used by hydrophobic, electric strength, flammability, tear strength, tensile strength, breaking elongation and hardness test 2. 4. 4 optimized formula and accumulation of cold forming process, high humidity, strong ultraviolet ray special operation under the condition of operating experience, such as optimizing formula, umbrella cover with weatherability, prevent ozone, ultraviolet radiation, moisture, high and low temperature conditions caused by the rapid deterioration. 500 kv and below the line of HTV silicone rubber composite insulator injection forming a whole, 750 kv and 1000 kv lines using silicone rubber composite insulator overall secondary injection forming. 2. Life may make the HTV silicone rubber insulator according to 15 - HTV silicone rubber 20 years of successful operation experience, manufacturing technology, and an umbrella set level, the physical and chemical, physical and mechanical parameters of HTV silicone rubber insulation materials in China can be classified as 15 - service life For 20 years. Strict raw material quality, have not optimal filling. For example, the use of precipitated silica as reinforcing agent, H T silicone rubber insulator in the short term there will be no degradation, but operating experience prove that its service life is less than 7 years. On the basis of operating experience, and constantly optimize, improve, improve formula, especially for the dc of HTV silicone rubber insulator should be used, and strive to increase its service life to 30 years. 3 HTV silicone rubber composite insulator string reason 3. 1 HTV silicone rubber degradation leading to seal damage caused by the composite insulator off such an incident happened at present, the composite insulator string off the main reason for the string. One is the HTV silicone rubber itself degradation; The second is the structure of the composite insulator defects in design and manufacturing technology. 3. 2 high field strength caused by the long-term effect, degrade HTV silicone rubber umbrella cover off string not installed equalizing device, composite insulator voltage distribution is very uneven, high end plug and electric field intensity of the end fittings connection * big, easily lead to seal damage electrical erosion and the equalizing device after the installation, if the equalizing device tube, unreasonable structure of ring diameter is too small also not equalizing effect, instead of a big field intensity is transferred to the * about 300 mm from the end of an umbrella set, make its long-term under high field strength, become a partial discharge area for a long time, generate electricity erosion and degrade HTV silicone rubber umbrella cover, * eventually lead to partial or whole insulation breakdown, leading to the insulator string. This problem has not been able to get a better solution. 3. 3 HTV silicone rubber umbrella set of power frequency electric arc resistance difference led to the decrease of the mechanical properties or insulator string of HTV silicone rubber composite insulators umbrella skirt, sheath forming temperature is 150 - 180℃; And the temperature of the power frequency arc - 1000 The melting temperature of 5000 ℃, a mandrel is about 140 ℃. Under the effect of stream power frequency, if the power frequency arc not drift to the insulator surface, can make the umbrella cover pulverization, carbide, mandrel exposure. Using the following method can solve the problem of off string. A is sealed, with mature type O sealing ring with double or triple seal structure, and end fittings, mandrel, umbrella skirt, jacket, high temperature sealing silicone rubber in a complete mold, at the same time exposed to the air interface in the connection section of using high temperature vulcanization process; 2 it is to adopt large and small equalizing ring, 750 kv and below the line voltage and high voltage composite insulator the electric field intensity at the * big value dropped below 4 mv/m, 1000 kv to below 5 mv/m; 3 it is to run the composite insulator seal, the performance test. 【 On a message: the causes of HTV silicone rubber composite insulator flashover occurred. 【 The next message: post insulator rupture reason analysis, post insulator overview 】
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