The design principle of glass insulator

by:Mings     2020-07-06

insulator in a long time, the earliest glass insulator originated in Germany, after a long development, insulator also has the diversity.

toughened glass insulator design is based on iron cap and steel legs, in this design, vitreous and iron cap and steel foot assembly as shown in figure 1, with aluminate cement glue fill the gap between the two. Steel foot top cone shape, the cone Angle and iron cap in the bottom edge Angle is consistent, about 17 °. When under tensile load, the insulator on upper end sloping steel foot cone to the vitreous wall head transmission through cement compressive stress, and the compressive stress is equal imposed by vitreous outer surrounding cement head reverse force balance. The reverse reaction by the insulator iron cap inside edge to the outer wall of vitreous head tilted.

main effect of mechanical stress Yu Gangjiao cone, iron cap bottom edge and the middle elements ( Cement, iron steel foot cap cement, vitreous) 。 The purpose is to make the role of stress in the vitreous body is huge compressive stress, while only a small amount of tensile stress. So this design is very good use of the characteristics of the vitreous has good compressive strength. Worth pointing out that in close to the exposed surface layer on the surface of the cement, steel foot mechanical stress decreased dramatically, not worth considering. That surface concrete has no effect on the mechanical strength of insulator.

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