The developing situation of all kinds of insulator

by:Mings     2020-05-13
Organic composite insulator insulator is a rapidly developing new material, it has small volume, light quality, do not need to check the zero value, and due to the hydrophobic nature of silicone rubber materials can greatly improve the defile the withstand voltage of composite insulator. At present, the manufacturing level of the various types of mandrel is greatly increased, and the quality is stable, large capacity, can fully meet the needs of manufacturing organic composite insulator. Outstanding advantage of glass insulator is 'zero since the explosion', so it is vulnerable to serious pollution of the large area power grid has a good application prospect. By dry production equipment required for the production of glass insulator complex, large investment, high technology, as a result, the number of companies producing glass insulator. There are domestic zigong SEDIVER company, nanjing electric group, tianjin DIELVE 3 companies can produce 300 ~ 530 kn glass insulator. Is given priority to with pressure welding structure of products, through continuous improvement of technology over the years has become a representative of advanced technology and widely applied. Produced by our country. the 750 kv, 2 l0 ~ 300 kn composite insulator has been through the national identification, the people running. The manufacture of composite insulator, so to speak, the voltage grade level has reached the international advanced level. Porcelain insulator has good chemical stability and thermal stability, almost no aging metamorphism, and it has good electrical and mechanical properties. The market size, L00 ~ 400 kn large-tonnage, normal, and the bell jar type umbrella varieties. But in general, in recent years the number of porcelain insulator manufacture enterprise basically did not increase, but in the same competition in the market through integration and reorganization. Dc insulator is a new type of insulator. Both domestic and abroad, in the dc transmission lines have used organic composite insulator, porcelain insulator and glass insulator, quantity is not big, has accumulated certain experience in running. Mainly rely on domestic several big manufacturers and research institutes to carry out the research and development work, run by they provide a certain number of products. In the future, along with our country's planned dozens of dc power transmission engineering construction in succession, there will be a big demand for dc insulator. Long bar porcelain insulator is another new varieties of line insulator. Mainly used in the insulator is given priority to with Germany's European region, mainly because it inherited the advantages of porcelain insulator suspension type, light quality ( Between the disc hanging between porcelain insulator and organic composite insulator) The filth, good ageing resistance, resistance to higher performance, strong white performance ( Umbrella is open aerodynamic model, no need to clean) , simple and convenient in operation and maintenance, breakdown, electrical performance is good and stable, not destruction resistant high strength and low operation maintenance cost advantages.
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