The development of composite insulator structure and type

by:Mings     2020-06-23

insulator' target='_blank'>composite insulator is made up of at least two kinds of insulating material and metal accessories of a new type of insulator. Using high tensile strength of glass fiber reinforced resin dial rod as insulator mandrel, to withstand mechanical load, load by end hardware is passed on to the mandrel. Core rod outer sheath and umbrella skirt ( With excellent aging resistance of polymer materials) , to protect core rod from atmospheric corrosion, and provide the required creepage distance. Because of glass fiber reinforced LiuZhi mandrel and umbrella skirt polymer material excellent performance. The composite insulator in mechanical strength, resistance to pollution flashover performance is superior to the traditional porcelain insulator.

on the overall structure and the types of composite insulator, composite insulator by the mandrel, sheath ( Or no sheath) , umbrella skirt, and the end of four parts, metal accessories. Below from the perspective of the link structure of the development of composite insulator in the process of introducing to the representative structure. Mandrel links and umbrella skirt structure composite insulator structure is simple, the early use of umbrella skirt sleeve diameter and the mandrel diameter difference, expansion sleeve. A single umbrella skirt individually packed set on the mandrel, mandrel interface with umbrella cover seal with the sticky lipid of dielectric material.

later because they do not have the sealing performance of lipid, and use elastic adhesive material ( Such as rubber) 。 In order to protect the core from the outside world humid atmosphere seepage erosion, often a layer of elastic material on the core rod package sheath, again using dielectric bonding agent will umbrella skirt on the sheath. There are many new type of composite insulator sheathed the mandrel protection methods, but directly on the extrusion machine extrusion sheath. Whether to adopt sheath is determined by the end seal interface level. Due to solve the problem between end leakage ( The sealing good) , so no longer USES the sheath the protection form, the mandrel and umbrella skirt coat a forming mould, interface there is no gap, ruled out mandrel and umbrella skirt interface wet permeability.

end binding end links are mainly within the structure of composite insulator wedge, the wedge, mechanical extrusion, plastic loaded four. Abroad after years of development, now has been gradually abandoned early inside and outside, traditional method of wedge. Instead of mechanical extrusion and adhesive glue connection.

for wedge structure in the early. This kind of structure in a wedge castings, metal accessories inside the mandrel from axis is divided into several equal parts, forming wedge end of prevent the plug out. Mandrel wedging, then filled with epoxy resin accessories inside until the port sealing or in other lipid material sealing port. Within this wedge structure due to the mandrel in the end is a split wedge with wedge face by vertical stress, this force can be decomposed into with mandrel axial parallel and point to the great heart and perpendicular to the axial of two component of outward. Regardless of the insulator as support or tension, is impossible to eliminate this force become mandrel axial and ring to a kind of internal stress, especially the end outlet clink of core rod section is reduced, strength is reduced, in under the action of external load of the mandrel in the fracture.

in the modified wedge. The wedge a ladder shaped with core rod ends, and then use glue to bonding fixed mandrel, wedge pieces, accessories. Stress uniform distribution, the ladder structure helps to improve the mandrel resistance load performance, but the mandrel still cannot eliminate the ring to the damage stress.

is a kind of outer wedge extrusion type structure, the core rod into the attachment and through external cavity die extrusion presses metal accessories on the mandrel. Characterized by a mandrel inside is no longer subject to any form of stress. But by attachments along the mandrel ring to the extrusion stress, for the glass fiber

epoxy resin system core is damage, attachment ends at the same time also to be squeezed, under certain stress, but this kind of structure can make the end get minimum shear stress.

plastic loaded structure is the biggest characteristic of mandrel and accessories and even can not directly contact, without application of a force or stress, bonding agent will only the two bonded together. Mandrel suffered only a sheath and umbrella skirt ring to force, which can make a mandrel force more reasonable even, eliminate the influence of other components of mandrel stress. At present abroad adhesive strength is very high, even if the mandrel fracture, adhesive parts will not escape. So, the force applied on the mandrel is reasonable or not, mechanical life of the insulator resistance load. Relationship between end structure of reasonable design and installation, the improvement of the performance of the composite insulator.

a relatively typical insulator rubber structure. The join method is to first attachment internal filling adhesive, sealing gasket set on the mandrel, and then on the concentricity in the attachment, attachment within a ZhuiTiXing. Umbrella skirt upper sleeve and core rod sheathed into attachment bottom at the same time, the sealing rubber and adhesive glue make the upper seal within the attachment, and applied to the sheath, umbrella skirt upper sleeve and accessories under the port contact with the umbrella skirt on the surface of the adhesive, the sealing ring bottom surface glue from all walks of life, every end contact interface don't ooze water structure formation, protect the mandrel sheath and umbrella skirt interface from atmospheric corrosion. The advantage of this structure is bonded contact area is large, bond is extremely strong, good anti-seepage, but the attachment structure is complex, bonding agent variety and withered, the high technical requirements, complex structures will inevitably brings to the process manufacturing and installation difficulties, influence the development of products. So in the attachment and core rod under the premise of the connecting strength, must make a binding structure more simple, is also the key to the development of composite insulator.

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