The difference between the cold end and heat shrinkable terminal

by:Mings     2020-06-27

in 2018, heat shrinkable cable accessories products terminal or cold end in the aspect of market acceptance, enterprise initiative and participation will be an unprecedented sell like hot cakes. In the previous article we introduced the related knowledge about heat shrinkable and cold terminal terminal, from different angles in this paper, the different areas. So today we say hot shrink the difference between the terminal and the cold end. See below!

hot shrinkage terminal association of definition: heat shrinkable end commonly known as heat shrinkable cable head, is widely used for up to and including 35 kv voltage levels of crosslinking cable or immersion cable terminal.

the difference between the heat shrinkable end and cold end of color, is both a set of, is a complete set of sale, from the perspective of color, the color of the heat shrinkable terminal mainly is given priority to with red and black, including insulation pipe, seal these are red, here we speak to red, is similar to the color of the bus, and low voltage heat shrinkable tube red, there are still some difference between low voltage heat shrinkable tube, red is main or prefer to bright red, and the above mentioned main preference for red rust red.

pyrocondensation material of the difference between the terminal and the cold end, the first heat shrinkable material of terminals, using the PE raw materials, this is also our more raw materials used in the high and low voltage heat shrinkable tube, good raw materials determines the product quality, our heat shrinkable end from production to the back of the use and installation, will be very another customer satisfaction, for us, customer satisfaction is our in the process of production and sales need to be very focus on one aspect, including heat shrinkable end in some other parts, we will also very pay attention to product quality, this little detail, often many companies ignore, perhaps this is the reason why we can move forward fast development.

on the contrary, the material of the material of the cold end and heat shrinkable terminal can be said to be completely different, silicone rubber material from the cold end, very flexible, is now in the cold welcome constantly at present, to cater to the market need, grasp the quality of our products and promote its own brand is we've been doing need continuous efforts in the direction of the cutting.

actually said to heat shrink the difference between the terminal and the cold end, far more than we say to these two points above, here small make up are briefly, between each have each benefits, each have each advantages, is the key to customer how to choose, choose the real need.

all PS cold cable accessories have four big advantages:

1, the cold cable accessories used widely

can use various cable diameter, each specification for cable diameter compatibility is better.

2, shrinkage cable accessories innovations

silicone rubber material since the restoration technology, expanding technology, products insulation main body and used cone structure of a certified molds postures.

3, the excellent characters of cold shrink cable accessories

adopts imported advanced production equipment and liquid silicone rubber, with a strong ability to resist tracking, excellent resistance to radiation performance, hydrophobic good, transferable contamination, excellent dielectric properties, wide temperature scope.

4, shrinkage cable accessories installation convenience

it adopts the technology of the cold, no hot and special tools, simply extracting core line, grounding adopt constant force spring, no welding or copper cable tie, saving time and effort and space construction. For the construction space is especially suitable for narrow places.

about the difference between the cold end and heat shrinkable end this problem, AnWei electric power company to introduce here small make up today. In fact, no matter you choose cold terminal or hot shrinkage terminal, you only need to undertake choosing according to own actual need.

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