The effect of insulator

by:Mings     2020-07-10
The effect of insulator: 1. Insulator is usually divided into can breakdown and not breakdown. 2. According to the structure can be divided into the column, Pillar) Insulator, suspension insulator, pin insulator, butterfly insulator, tighten and bushing insulator, anti-pollution insulator. 3. According to the application is divided into line insulator and power plant and electrical insulator. Which used in the circuit can be breakdown type insulator pin type, butterfly, disc hanging, not breakdown type with cross arm and bar hanging. Used in power plant, electrical breakdown type insulator can have a hollow needle type pillars, pillars and casing, not the breakdown type pillar and the container has a bar porcelain sets. 4. Commonly used are used in overhead line insulator, pin insulator, butterfly insulator, suspension insulator, porcelain crossarm, rod insulator and taut insulator, etc. 5. Now commonly used insulator are: porcelain insulator, glass insulator, composite insulator, insulator semiconductor.
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