The effect of insulator, the role of high voltage insulator - High voltage insulator, composite insulator

by:Mings     2020-05-03
Insulator the role of high voltage wires to hang a lot at the end of the disc insulators, it is to increase the creepage distance, usually made of glass or ceramic call insulator. High voltage insulator to prevent dust and other impurity in the insulator surface, forming pathway was breakdown voltage on both ends of the insulator, namely creepage. Therefore, increasing the surface distance, namely the creepage distance, the distance along the insulation surface discharge the leakage distance call creepage distance. Creepage distance = surface distance / * high voltage system. According to different degree of impurity and heavy impurity region generally adopts the creepage distance is 31 mm/kv. Zero at the ends of the insulator is in operation of insulator potential distribution of insulator in close to zero or equal to zero. Zero or low insulator: the influence of the insulation of the line conductor depends on the insulator string, due to manufacturing defect or role of the outside world, the insulation of the insulator performance will continue to degradation, when the unique edge resistance lower or equal to zero is called the minimum or zero value insulator. We have to test the circuit, and the proportion of zero or low insulator was about 9%. This is our company another main cause of the high line lightning trip-out rate. Insulator is smooth, can reduce the wire between the capacitive reactance effect, so as to reduce the loss of the current. This paper collected by the composite insulator, reprint please indicate the http://www. fxbw4。 com/ 【 On a message: the classification of the insulator, the classification of high voltage insulator 】 【 Under a message: the effect of composite insulator, composite insulator, composite insulator model specifications, product type 】
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