The existing problems in the development of composite insulator industry and development opportunities

by:Mings     2020-05-06
Composite insulator industry development problems and opportunities for development the great development of China's power industry has brought unprecedented opportunities for composite insulator industry, the industry should seize the rare opportunity, relying on technological progress, development of new varieties, strengthen quality management, to meet the needs of the current power industry, especially high-grade hollow porcelain insulator and casing products market demand. Composite insulator industry development in our country is better adapted to the requirement of power grid development, product quality level has greatly improved, the manufacturing of composite insulator level reached the international * *, performance is getting better and better. Domestic occurred brittle fracture of a few cases of composite insulator anatomical examination also found that fracture of rods are not occurred in the mandrel bare area of stress concentration, but in a sheath with the seal of near the end. Therefore, composite insulator mandrel due to direct effect of acid rain outside fracture is very few. At present, the high voltage insulator industry's failure rate is respectively: insulator is three over ten thousand ( High voltage part one over ten thousand) And the glass and porcelain insulator for two over ten thousand, Lightning arrester running status is stable; Pillar has made great progress and hollow insulator; Many problems of casing products. To this end, Ye Ting road, the manufacturing enterprises should further strengthen quality control, especially in the design, raw materials and process control; Strengthen the sound, study and research combining, speed up the development of new products constantly to meet the demand of the power grid construction; To strengthen the supply and demand both sides of the communication and common services for the construction of strong smart grid. The industry there are still some restricting factors in the process of rapid development. Composite insulator industry two aspects of the existing problems and the solution: one is the industry concentration degree is small, small enterprise scale, the industry should be resolved as soon as possible because of the concentration of small & other; Scattered throughout the &; The problem; The second is to work the basis of research and development for material, promote its technological progress. Composite insulator is the capacitance between level of tiny long pole insulation structure, uneven distribution voltage of its insulation parts. In the product line end while equipped with equalizing ring, but its still considerable voltage gradient, with the end in the normal run time although there will be no corona, but field strength is almost the same with the corona field. In the part of the product line end there is a high field strength *, the high field strength accelerated the mandrel bare in saturated water along the glass fiber by permeability good epoxy resin to diffusion concentration is low, so are not likely to be evenly in epoxy resin residual acid anhydride curing machine again to speed up the penetration of water molecules, make high field strength of the mandrel circular parts with water medium. 【 On a message: we should strengthen the management of the quality of composite insulator. 【 The next message: rainy day how to prevent the composite insulator flashover 】
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