The function and structure suspension insulator profile

by:Mings     2020-05-05
The function and structure suspension insulator profile due to the surface of the composite insulator has more hydrophobic, its surface is quite different from that porcelain insulator leakage situation. In the department of energy (doe) NengYuanBan ( 1993). 45 # on the notice issued by the relevant provisions of the power system electrical porcelain antifouling of the tentative unit of composite insulator leakage distance ( Creepage distance) According to 75% of the porcelain insulation design. The composite insulator is short for bar hanging type organic silicone rubber insulator. Composite insulator compared with traditional porcelain insulator, toughened glass insulator, light quality, small volume, easy to transport and install, high mechanical strength and defile resistant performance is good wait for an advantage, at the same time can be avoided in operation of cleaning, avoid preventive test, and can avoid the pollution flashover accident. Especially suitable for urban power grid filth and medium above. Composite insulator definition introduces a kind of high voltage insulator using computer sound card collection of hv insulator's leakage current economic effective new technology, and through the wavelet analysis technique for the received signal denoising. Compared with the traditional signal analysis methods, the wavelet analysis technology not only can accurately extract to test the leakage current signal from the noise, at the same time can true emersion degradation characteristics of leakage current signal, which is of great significance on the early fault diagnosis of equipment. Improve the measurement accuracy, enhanced the accuracy of the equipment fault diagnosis. The filth of the high voltage transmission line insulator string flashover is one of the important factors affecting the operation of power grids, with the development of electric power system and all kinds of pollution, contamination flashover in growing, it is a serious impediment to the safe, stable and economic operation of power system. Is closely related to the degree of insulator filth is its the size of the leakage current, so the high voltage insulator leakage current testing has practical significance. Suspension insulator is suitable for the industrial dust, chemical industry, salt, coastal and foggy area, for the insulation of the high voltage overhead transmission and distribution lines and fixed for conductor, general assemble insulator string, different areas for different voltage grade of power lines. Fouling resistance type insulator according to its umbrella into double umbrella, bell jar type, straw type 3 kinds. Double big umbrella fouling resistance type insulator creepage distance of open umbrella, skirt inside and outside the smooth edges, soot formation rate is low, the wind and rain self-cleaning performance is good; Bell jar type resistance to fouling suspension insulator use umbrella not synchronism of be affected with damp be affected with damp and umbrella under high inhibitory effect of discharge of the edges, antifouling performance better; Straw hat type resistance to fouling suspension insulator plate size is big, generally put the overhang the top of the list, has good effect to prevent harm and perfoliate ice. The structure of the fouling resistance type suspension insulator assembly can see normal suspension insulator. Suspension insulator function, structure, introduction: suspension insulator for high voltage overhead transmission and distribution line of insulation and fixed for conductor, general assemble insulator string on a line for different voltage grade. Type insulator is applicable to general areas, such as increasing insulator piece number can also improve the pollution flashover performance. By the porcelain composite insulator, iron cap and steel legs with no less than 525 Portland cement, quartz sand cement gel pack. Iron cap and steel foot contact with cement surface coating a layer of thin buffer layer, steel legs at the top of the elastic cushion. General paint with white glaze, brown glaze on the surface of the porcelain, also can draw other glaze according to need. All surface heat zinc iron cap and steel feet. Ball of push-pull type elastic locking pin with W type and R type two kinds of type, are made of austenitic stainless steel, brass, tin bronze, elasticity and good anticorrosion, tear open outfit is convenient. Groove type connection of cylindrical and hump shape split pin, the former heat on the surface of zinc, which is made of brass. The elastic locking pin, cylinder pin parts and products such as complete sets of supply. Insulator according to the connection points ball type and trough type two kinds. The same strength grade of regular and fouling resistance type insulator, use the same size ball and socket connections, can guarantee the swap. 【 On a message: class and performance of composite insulator 】 【 The next message: composite post insulator characteristics 】
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