The heat shrinkable tube manufacturers are faced with the problem? What are those?

by:Mings     2020-06-26

heat shrinkable tube, it USES the high polymer, the scientific formula, mechanical blending polymer alloy, after molding, products by the electron accelerator irradiation crosslinking, forming a continuous expansion. Is widely used in wire, solder joint protection of electronic components, electrical wire end, and protection and insulation treatment, fitness equipment parts and steel structure surface protection, anti-rust, anti-corrosion treatment related products, wire and other product identification, etc. A lot of heat shrinkable tube on the market at present, manufacturer of heat shrinkable tube mostly distributed in guangdong, jiangsu and wenzhou area.

a, the current domestic basic situation of radiation crosslinked heat shrinkable materials

level of radiation crosslinked heat shrinkable tube manufacturers in China, in one sentence summary: our country is the world's production of radiation crosslinked heat shrinkable products of the second largest country, America's first) , is the third (heat shrinkable products exporting countries The first for Tyco, the second DSG - Canusa) , the products are sold in more than 60 countries and regions. According to the report of isotope and radiation industry association of China, in 2008, sales of radiation crosslinked heat shrinkable products has reached 5 billion, with a certain scale of radiation crosslinked heat shrinkable materials production enterprises, more than 200, industrial electron accelerator is more than 150 units, cobalt for radiation processing more than 90 seats.

2, radiation crosslinked heat shrinkable tube manufacturers in China, the problems existing in the

1, small business, the price war, more competition due to the irradiation electron accelerator manufacturing enterprises develop rapidly in our country, the radiation crosslinked heat shrinkable products production is no longer a mystery. Because of the heat shrinkable materials production investment threshold is low, the market competition is intense, redundant construction. Manufacturer, more conveniently small scale, low level repeated, excess production capacity, price war between businesses, make the high-tech products face the situation of low price and low profit, is bound to cause low quality products.

2, most enterprises at the start-up stage, the business model behind most of radiation crosslinked heat shrinkable materials domestic enterprises are still in the stage, in the enterprise field, quality and environmental management, decline to the feet, compared with abroad, network resource construction, heat shrinkable industry market in China there is a big gap between the international market development, etc.

3, few exports of radiation crosslinked heat shrinkable products have been exported to many countries and regions, but the overall sales volume ratio is low, some products exported parts, OEM sales, not like our home appliances enterprises occupy the international market.

4, key technology must be some breakthroughs, although the type of radiation crosslinked heat shrinkable cable accessories occupied more than 90% of the domestic market share, is no longer dependent on imports. But the defense ( Heat shrinkable products to meet MIL standards) , civil ( Used for sports, entertainment, security identity) And medical pyrocondensation material market has not been formed, mainly is the key technology breakthrough yet, can not meet the user enterprise standard demand.

three, radiation crosslinked heat shrinkable tube manufacturers in China the gap with the international advanced enterprise

(Tyco companies in the United States Raychem corporation) Radiation chemical products dominate the world, it produces the radiation crosslinking of cable accessories, for more than 60 countries around the world. It dominated by advanced materials, its products but also in the ruling market of high-end enterprise in our country, such as ships, high-speed rail, nuclear power, aerospace, and important electric power enterprises, etc. Domestic product only in the low-end market sales, including the appearance of the heat shrinkable casing, kan company with the United States, Japan's sumitomo corporation and a large gap compared with the international advanced enterprise products, due to its root cause is the domestic enterprise's technology innovation ability, the performance of domestic raw materials and the use of backward technology and equipment. Radiation crosslinked heat shrinkable materials are now many composite crosslinking polymer, must have advanced blending equipment. However, restricted by the product cost, at present, China's production of radiation crosslinked heat shrinkable tube of the manufacturer has not yet been a high-efficiency continuous mixing unit, namely the Swiss Buss company development BussKeader equipment, as well as the development of LCM Farrel companies in the United States, such as efficient mixing unit.

why heat shrinkable tube industry should pay attention to the prospect of development of the market, because we can find that our country has begun to slowly into the stage of heavy, and the quantity of heat shrinkable tube will also increase domestic demand, some manufacturer of heat shrinkable materials will also be improved, it also indicates the thermal shrinkage tube industry will enter a new top for a long time.

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