The history of insulator industry

by:Mings     2020-07-04

nearly more than 200 domestic line insulator manufacturer, which has a certain scale of production of about 40 or so. More than one hundred countries around the world have adopted toughened glass insulator, a population of over 200 million pieces. Due to the power grid construction is accelerated, porcelain insulator, compared the development of domestic glass insulator more rapidly, the market demand, constantly attract other firms to step into this field.

since 2004, the insulator arrester industry in our country main enterprise advocate business wu income sustained and rapid growth, annual average growth rate of nearly 25%. With the improvement of insulation products manufacturing technology level in China, and east Asia, South Asia and other countries can speed up economic development, mainly domestic enterprises seize the opportunity, actively explore the international market, export value of rising year by year. According to forecast of related research, 2012 - Insulator arrester manufacturing industry in China in 2015 sales revenue annual compound growth rate of 17. 83%, 2015, the national insulator arrester industry sales will reach 40. 3 billion yuan.

in recent years, our country electric power industry has developed rapidly, the generator capacity increase year by year. According to statistics, in 2010 China's power capacity for 9. 6. 2 billion kilowatts, rose 10. 08%. Insulator arrester as an integral part of power transmission and transformation equipment, is closely connected with the development of power industry.

the application of power industry is the most main insulator arrester products market, many of the electrical engineering at the present stage in China, for example, the urban and rural power grid construction and renovation, in addition to east project, electrified railway construction project and uhv product market start not only for the insulator arrester industry development provides a broad market space, and also puts forward new requirements for industry product market, promote the adjustment of the insulator arrester product market structure and the development of new technology.

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