The installation of electrical porcelain insulator is also very simple

by:Mings     2020-05-14

when it comes to electric porcelain insulator believe that we can see from the name it is used in one of our electric power industry electrical equipment, its use is very convenient. But also has the characteristic very much. Here by our staff to do detailed introduction for all of us. Porcelain insulator is mainly used in our grid industry and electric equipment of large enterprises, believe that we all can see it in our daily life. Porcelain insulator structure mainly includes the composite lining tube, metal tube and outer reinforcing layer in three aspects. It belongs to a new generation of products can be in cryogenic engineering application is very extensive, its low temperature mechanical properties, electric properties and resistance to high pressure air tightness has passed the examination. Our company is a production and sales as one of the manufacturers, produced by the kinds of the products is very complete, can satisfy different customer needs, we work for our electricity has brought the very big security. The use of the porcelain insulator is very convenient, and its installation is very simple, the use of long time is not easy to deformation and the phenomenon of aging. At the same time, the service life is very long, in the invisible for our enterprises to reduce the number of open information. The above content is our knowledge of porcelain insulator, it is our company's main production of an electric power equipment, our company consistent follow the pre-sales, after-sales service, for customers to refuse all the problem, if you need to order electric porcelain insulator, so our company will be your ideal choice, welcome you to come to ordering.

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