The installation of high voltage outdoor type wear casing wall

by:Mings     2020-04-11
Formula: high pressure through walls porcelain bushing, shape is not the same on both ends. Concave and convex shape of corrugated side, the device must be in the outdoors. Description: outdoor high-pressure type wear casing wall at both ends of the working environment is different, one end in the outdoor, poor working conditions, the porcelain made concave and convex set of corrugated shape, has the following three advantages: increase the length of the surface, to increase the distance along the surface leakage, and each one corrugated and have the effect of blocking arc, improve casing slip lightning pressure; On a rainy day, corrugated have the effect of blocking water, rain down the water won't form water column caused by the grounding short circuit; Dustiness landing on the porcelain bushing, the concave and convex, uneven distribution of corrugated everywhere will result to a certain extent ensure the pressure strength of porcelain bushing. At the other end in the indoor, for ease of manufacture and cost reduction, there is no need to make it is concave and convex shape of corrugated. In order to ensure the safety running, outdoor type wear casing wall during installation must put a bump at the end of the waveform in the outdoor.
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