The installation technology of the mine power cable

by:Mings     2020-06-28

( 1) Mine cable accessories installation process requirements

1) conductor connection requirements. Mine cable terminal head and middle joint, and it is an important part in the mine cable accessories line of electric power, the function of it is scattered mine cable terminal outer screen to cut off the head of the electric field, protect mine cable from the breakdown, and internal and external insulation and waterproof, and so on. In mine cable lines, most of the accidents are caused by attachment, so the quality of fittings for the safety of the transmission reliable play a very important role. Mine cable connection conductor connection requires low resistance and sufficient mechanical strength, joint cannot appear sharp corners. Low-pressure mine cable conductor connection is commonly used in pressure, pressure get close attention to the following:

a. Choose the appropriate electrical conductivity and mechanical strength of the conductor connecting pipe;

b。 Pressure to take over the tolerance clearance of inner diameter and the cable core diameter 0. 8 - 1. 4mm;

c。 Pressure welding joint after the cross section of conductor, such as electric resistance should not be greater than 1. 2 times, copper conductor joint tensile strength of not less than 60 n/was;

d。 Pressure before, outside the conductor surface and the connecting tube surface coated with conductive paste, and steel wire brush to clean the surface oxide film;

(2) on the connecting pipe, wire core conductor sharp corners, burrs, etc. , with the file or sand paper burnish semiconductor processing. Within mine cable ontology has a shield, must restore when making joint pressure inside shield conductor section of the joint, semiconductor shielding within all should set aside part of the mine cable, in order to make the connection pipe connection shielding can be interconnected in the head, to ensure the continuity of semiconductor, making the joint to take over the field intensity distribution.

(3) the semiconductor processing. Semiconductor shielding is mine cable and uniform electric field outside the function of the joints of semiconductive materials, as well as in semiconductor shielding, in mine cable and connector has played a very important role. Semiconductor port must tidy uniform requirements and insulation smooth transition, and increase in joint around the band and the ontology of the mine cable shielding semiconductor semiconductor by successively.

4. Mine cable reaction cone processing. Mine cable accessories construction cone shape, size accurate reaction force, potential distribution on the cone is equal, in the production of crosslinking reaction cone, mine cable generally adopts the special-purpose cutting tool, can also use a bit micro fire heating, use a sharp knife cutting, the basic shape, with a thick glass blowing, and then use from coarse to fine sand paper burnish, until smooth.

5) shielding and grounding of metal processing. Mine cable accessories metal shielding role in the mine cable and connector is mainly used for transmission of mining cable fault, short-circuit current and electromagnetic interference shielding electromagnetic field of neighboring communications equipment, metal mask in good running condition of ground conditions at zero potential, when after the mine cable is broken, it is in a very short time conduction ability of short circuit current. Reliable grounding wire should be welded, terminal head grounding should be reliable.

6 joint sealing and mechanical protection. Joint sealing and mechanical protection is to ensure safe and reliable operation of the joint guarantee. Should prevent the connector ooze water and moisture, under the joint position should be build by laying bricks or stones joint protection slots or furnish cement protective box, etc.

ok here today to share. That is about mining power cable installation process of some of the questions, if you have any questions or don't understand the place can leave a message to the small make up directly.

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