The installation technology of the shielded cable

by:Mings     2020-07-17

in some special places and the strong electric field, strong magnetic field signal and the control system often use shielded cable, to prevent signal interference and cable mutual interference. In these cables have one or two shield. Due to the different structure, shielding effect is also different. If use metal mesh grid as a shield, single layer shielding efficiency is 95%; The double layer shielding efficiency is 98%; If use kai type of shielded cable, the efficiency is 100%.

shielded cable construction has the following requirements.

1) laying lines should be far away from the heat source, the ambient temperature exceeds 65 ℃, the heat insulation measures should be taken.

(2) laying lines should not be parallel to the power cable. Wired in the same cable slot and other cable, together the two metal plates separated by application.

(3) signal circuit grounding and shielding, a separate set of grounding electrodes can be Shared. The same signal circuit or circuit shield, there can be only one location.

(4) shielding the spare conductor of the cable and the cable shielding layer or gathering line, grounding should be on the same side.

5. Shielded cable grounding to solid and reliable, and can only single side grounding, grounding termination in the control room on the control panel, on the scene side should not be connected to the instrument or grounding system.

6 lines of shielding layer, should have a reliable electrical continuity, and should be with the metal parts of the earthing equipment has been reliably insulated.

7) safety grid grounding shield will not be passed.

today i. s. lines within the earth wire and the outer surface of the shielded cable should be spent layer.

pet-name ruby shielding layer and the shielding wire should contact is good, but don't have to be welded together.

attending indoor control shielded wire should be received shielding grounding line terminal from the control panel.

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