The insulator creepage distance is what?

by:Mings     2020-07-06

the creepage distance of insulator is refers to the insulator creepage distance, professional explanation is: the insulation surface discharge distance is the electric leakage distance, also calls the creepage distance, hereinafter referred to as creepage distance.

insulator creepage distance measurement:

the site is also called the leakage distance to point to in the shortest distance between two conductive parts measured along the insulator surface combined. The diagram below:

creepage interval: along the exterior insulation between two conductive parts measured, under the condition of different using ( Under the different task voltage) Because around the conductor insulation material by electric polarization, cause insulation materials emerge charged scene, the charged area radius is the interval of the insulator creepage.

climb, we compared its image as an ant walk from a charged body to another charged body must through the shortest paths, here is the creepage interval. Detailed rules in the national standard, the insulation of the different shape column, creepage interval way of thinking is not the same. Creepage interval depends on the task of voltage RMS, as well as the insulator material.

in GB/T 2900. 18 - 1992 electrician terms of creepage distance in low voltage electrical standards have such a definition: creepage distance refers to has the potential difference between two conductive parts along the shortest distance on the surface of the insulating material.

if you want to test the insulator creepage distance, you need to understand the insulator salt density and ash, commonly used instruments have a GD - And GD - 2010 b 2006S。

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