The insulator of composite insulator manufacturer tensile performance is very good

by:Mings     2020-05-11

in the use of composite insulator has become our life an important part of the product, its role is to help us protect our security, we are each an important patron saint of the family. In order to be able to let us know more to our products, the composite insulator manufacturer will be with you to learn more knowledge of products. In our power to work for the application of all kinds of electric equipment is very important, our company produces electric equipment is very complete, the kinds of composite insulator is one of our many products. Its strength more listening can effectively reduce weight, the endurance of the tower can reduce installation and maintenance, the strength of the save a lot of cost, because the rod core has the very high intensity of governor, so composite insulator can be very light. And it has good tensile performance is also very good corrosion resistance, under 70 degrees still resilient, 20 degrees below can work for a long time. So insulator material surface has hydrophobic who presented on granular is not easy to form, conductive pathways. Because this product volume small, lightweight flexible, so he has not easy damaged, will bring great convenience transport installation and maintenance.

the above is the content of the composite insulator manufacturer product knowledge for us all. At the time of processing production in our company are through strict test. So that to produce the quality of the products is very reliable, performance is very stable. So all of us at the time of use can be relieved.

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