The Japanese government that tepco pay again

by:Mings     2020-07-21
In male in the Japanese economy, trade and industry minister branches will hold talks with tepco President Caesar handsome husband, added 690 billion yen agreed to east electric public funds, but shall be proposed by the national master tepco, the tepco essence 'nationalisation'. Tepco has said that hope to continue to maintain properties of private enterprises. < P> Tokyo electric power company 13, according to results published by the fukushima accident loss and compensation expenses, such as 4-2011 December JueSuanQi tepco appear 623. 9 billion yen ( About $8 billion) A net loss. < / P> < P> results showed that the east electric current damages of fukushima 1. 6. 445 quadrillion yen ( About $21. 2 billion) , the plant's waste heap special damages such as 312. 2 billion yen. Results predicted, fiscal year 2011 the year to March 2012, tepco will appear a net loss of 695 billion yen. < / P>
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