The main content of the composite insulator inspection tour

by:Mings     2020-04-29
The main content of the composite insulator patrol inspection ( 1) Check whether the composite insulator surface smudges. Installed when the insulator leakage current recorder, should monitor the movements of the instrument, measure and record the leakage current value. ( 2) Check whether there is any crack on composite insulator, the broken and flashover, burn marks. ( 3) Just check composite insulator feet, just whether the cap rust, if just feet bend. ( 4) Check the insulator string and magnetic pole arm any serious deviation. Perch suspension insulator string along the direction of the line deviation shall not be greater than 15 ゜. ( 5) Check the pin insulator and magnetic pole arm fixed wire cable tie on the presence of loose, broken strands or burns. ( 6) Check suspension insulator spring pin, split pin any lack, or loss, split pin is open. ( 7) Check the hardware of rustily, wear or open welding. What are the test items of high voltage insulator? 1) Measure the voltage distribution. Generally 1 ~ 3 years, a high voltage insulator in the normal and faulty cases, different voltage distribution, defective insulator smaller than normal voltage, the voltage transfer to normal insulation on the components of its insulation performance can be identified by measuring the voltage distribution. ( 2) Insulation resistance test. Suspension insulator once every 1 ~ 3 years, with the 5000 v megohmmeter every piece of insulator measuring the resistance value is not less than 300 m & Omega; 。 ( 3) High frequency withstand voltage test once every 1 ~ 3 years. Post insulator & other; Each pilot project & throughout; Inspection items have? ( 1) Composite insulator size and appearance inspection; ( 2) Porcelain ultrasound examination; ( 3) Bending and torsion test them one by one. Suspension insulator and what is the difference between pin insulator suspension insulator tensile strength is very big, can put a number of connection string, increase the compressive strength, to adapt to a variety of different voltage grade line, generally available in the line of resistance to a period of use, or hanging wires used pin insulator only a single independent support conductor, general is in the middle pole support for conductor, due to the problem of pressure limit, can only be used under 35 kv lines. 【 On a message: the rational use of composite insulator in transmission line 】 【 The next message: 10 kv overhead line infrastructure]
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