The main function of cable branch box

by:Mings     2020-07-18
Our company is a good cable branch box suppliers. Products full insulation, full sealed structure, no insulation distance, reliable guarantee personal safety, the combination is extremely flexible, into the branch line of eight-way, meet the requirements of a variety of wiring, small size, compact structure, simple installation, easy to operate. Cable branch box's main role is to tap the cable or transfer, and its function under the following detailed introduction: 1) Cable tapping. At a distance longer lines on how small area cable tends to cause the cable to use waste, so in the outlet to the power load, often use the trunk cable wire, and then to the load, using the cable to the trunk cable branch box is divided into several small area of cable, cable connected to the load by the small area. The connection mode is widely used in city street lamp power supply, such as small users in the grid power supply. 2) Cable transfer function. In a long line, the length of the cable can't meet the requirements of line, then you must use the cable connector or cable transfer box, usually short time use cable intermediate joint, but line a long time, according to the experience in the way of more than 1000 m cable, if how much cable between the middle joint, in order to ensure safety, in which can consider to transfer cable branch box. Cable branch box is widely used in outdoor, with the progress of technology, now switch, cable branch box also continue to increase, and the cities tend to adopt double circuit power supply cable, so some of the switch, directly to the branch called outdoor ring network cabinet, but most of this ring network cabinet can't realize the distribution network automation, but it's already manufacturer can launch distribution network automation outdoor ring network cabinet. It also makes the cable branch box and the boundaries of ring network cabinet began to blur.
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