The mechanical properties of the composite insulator, composite insulator and electrical performance

by:Mings     2020-05-07
Composite insulator profile composite insulator has a series of advantages, but the porcelain shell structure of arrester has some shortcomings, such as internal easy be affected with damp be affected with damp, explosion may endanger other equipment and personal safety, as well as due to drag itself bulky and require regular current detection. These disadvantages make porcelain set of the application scope is limited by large arrester. Organic composite set of zinc oxide lightning arrester has obvious advantages in more than a few. Its full solid structure eliminates the absorption of moisture, eliminate the risk of explosion. And fouling resistance and good heat dissipation performance, simple manufacturing process, complex set of arrester greatly reduce weight, can be made into suspension arrester. Installed along the hanging zinc oxide lightning arrester can significantly increase the line lightning resisting level, to reduce the lightning trip-out rate, can realize the depth of the long line limit operating overvoltage, and cooperate with composite insulator on the line and tower in the design of the new, such as compact circuit, etc. The uhv line to reduce line corridor, reduce the cost of line has the very vital significance. Used for uhv equipment casing and porcelain sleeve belongs to oversize, manufacture is difficult. Reference to the experience in the development of the composite insulation support of casing type of porcelain with the method of composite insulation after will get good solve. For CT, PT and switch casing porcelain, composite insulator is a kind of solution, with silicon rubber umbrella group of glass steel cylinder composite insulating sleeve is a kind of scheme, which can solve the problem of explosion-proof. Abroad in the 1980 s had the composite insulation sleeve SF6 switch in trial operation on the mechanical properties of the composite insulator and electrical performance of the said method for composite insulator at the same time have the effect of electrical insulation and mechanical connection, so the composite insulator to at the same time, put forward two aspects of electrical performance and mechanical performance requirements. Suspension insulator in series and can be used for different voltage grade of transmission lines, the higher the voltage grade, the more the number of required concatenated insulator. In general if USES the conventional type suspension insulator, 35 kv lines need 3 pieces, 110 kv lines need to 7, 220 kv should be 14 pieces. Not rated voltage value is given to suspension insulator, give only the mechanical and electrical damage load value, the higher the voltage grade of transmission line, the insulator mechanical and electrical damage load value is higher. 110 kv line suspension insulator, for example, the mechanical and electrical damage value just 70 kn and 500 kv line suspension insulator of mechanical and electrical damage load to 160 kn goods 210 kn. The length of the rod insulator and determine the applicability of the voltage grade of rod insulator and rated voltage grade and the requirement of mechanical properties, the mechanical property requirements for the most part in the form of bending moment, said sometimes expressed as a torque. 【 On a message: the test items of overhead power lines composite insulator 】 【 The next message: cross arm of the insulator technical requirements and structural features 】
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