The mechanical strength of ceramic insulator is introduced

by:Mings     2020-05-14
Glass insulator by treated with toughened glass insulator. Here is to introduce what is the comparison of their advantages and disadvantages. 1, mechanical strength, through relevant to online operating life of different porcelain insulator, glass insulator mechanical and electrical performance contrast test, found that part of the porcelain insulator running l5 - 2 o years later, the test value is lower than the factory test standard, not qualified rate with the increase of operating life. And in better stability and dispersion of glass ceramics. By means of porcelain and glass insulator for high frequency vibration fatigue test results show that the high frequency vibration electrical and mechanical strength decreased obviously after the glass insulator. The reason: on the one hand because of domestic porcelain insulator material and manufacturing process factors, such as causing quality dispersion. 2, anti-aging performance: porcelain insulator has nearly hundred years of operating experience, its anti-aging ability is stronger. After the operation of a period of time. Through the detection means, can put a few replace degrade insulator. But as the growth of the running time, the aging will become increasingly serious. The toughened glass processing, surface compressive stress, badge crack exists if the glass surface, also solid stress compression and does not extend to micro cracks. Glass dielectric strength generally remain unchanged during the whole operation, slow the aging process than porcelain. Eight times. Results for atmospheric flashover, and vitreous body was not breakdown, operation experience is also proved that the glass insulator not breakdown by thunder and lightning. 4, voltage distribution: because of the large glass dielectric constant, making glass insulator has a large capacity, main string voltage distribution is uniform, glass insulator string voltage lower than porcelain pieces, thereby reducing step radio interference, reduce the loss of corona, prolong the life of glass insulator, but also improves the glass insulator string flashover voltage.
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