The operation of the dry type transformer maintenance

by:Mings     2020-05-23
1. The operation of dry type transformer and service life, to the safe operation of dry type transformer depends largely on the transformer winding insulation of safe and reliable. Winding insulation aging temperature more than insulation resistance temperature, which affect its service life, is one of the leading causes of dry type transformer can not work normally, so the operating temperature of transformer monitoring and alarm control is very important. Dry type transformer should work under rated capacity, in does not affect the life of the cases allow overload operation, in a short time for indoor transformer overload value should not exceed 20%. Under normal circumstances, transformer load should be kept in about 85% of the rated capacity is better. The overload operation of the transformer, it is important to note that monitoring the operating temperature: if the temperature rise of up to 155 ℃ ( There are alarm) The lightening measures should be taken, Less certain secondary load) To ensure that the insulation of the dry type transformer are not affected. 2. Dry type transformer maintenance for operating temperature is directly related to the life of the dry type transformer, so distribution personnel should check the maintenance mainly fan automatic control system and overtemperature alarm, tripping system and temperature display system. Although dry type transformer moisture is good, but the dust in the air will be adsorbed on the surface of insulation, reduce creepage flashover voltage and dust pollution flashover phenomenon will appear in the humid weather. Therefore, should be checked regularly for dust removal and any evidence of discharge. Also note that in the operation of the dry type transformer in check there is no sound, busbar connection cable with or without abnormal situation, found that abnormal phenomenon to handle in time to avoid an accident.
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