The performance of the composite column is introduced

by:Mings     2020-07-04

usually made from glass or ceramic composite insulation column, has small volume, light weight, seismic capability is strong, resistant to high pollution levels, is widely used in electric power industry.

before because of the high voltage wires are often faced with the fog, rain, dew, severe weather conditions, such as snow, ice, appear a large number of casualties caused by the electric leakage phenomenon, has become the people urgently need to solve, but with the composite column are different, the composite insulation column because its are usually made from glass or ceramic, and glass and ceramics are organic materials, organic materials biggest advantage is its hydrophobic properties make composite column on the surface of the water separation form independent water, no sewage link, there isn't a conductive ability, so as to solve the problems of the current disclosure or local strong current.

the performance of the composite column introduction

1. Made of silicone rubber as the matrix of polymer umbrella plate has good hydrophobic, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, etc. Can effectively prevent the pollution flashover accidents, and reduce the manual cleaning, zero maintenance, free test for this kind of compound insulation column provides a reliable guarantee to the safe operation of transmission lines.

2。 Mandrel made using glass fiber reinforced resin sticks, has the very high tensile strength,> 1100 mpa) 1, which is about ordinary steel. 5 ~ 2 times, 3 ~ 5 times of the high strength porcelain. In addition also has good vibration damping property of rods, creep resistance and resistance to fatigue fracture.

3。 Hardware and plug connection using noninvasive mechanical type pressure connector. Its advantage is: safe and reliable connection, the force that press a scoop out uniform distribution, and does not damage the integrity of the glass fiber bundles of rods, can give full play to its excellent characteristics of high intensity.

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