The power to tell you from the cold cable accessories mechanical properties

by:Mings     2020-06-30

cold cable accessories is a kind of power cable accessories, power cable accessories are connecting cable and transmission and distribution lines and related distribution equipment products, generally refers to cable line in the middle of the cable connection and terminal connections, it constitutes the electricity transmission network with cable. Cold cable accessories based on user needs, can complete the insulation of the cable shielding layer, straight. Conductors in the cable joint use hex die according to the rules of the tonnage, pressure to small touch resistance, strong mechanical strength, can meet the demand of line normal operation and short circuit operation.

taken the cold shrink power cable accessories feature

u cold technology:

a full range of products adopt advanced technology of cold, when installation, just pulling wire core, elastomer quickly shrink and tight on the part of the installation required.

to end sealing:

all products use of special sealing adhesive connection for the connection parts, realize the whole sealing, prevent and avoid accidents caused by atmospheric environment.

to end insulation and reliable:

all raw materials for imports, the silicone rubber has good insulation and high recovery of elasticity, storage time can be up to 2 years or so, always after installation will not produce by cable runtime respiration click to wear.

to end the installation is simple:

installation without fire, without heating, safe and reliable, save time and effort; A model applicable to a variety of cable diameter; Supporting complete, without special tools, installation is convenient quickly; All cold self-recovery technologies, install easily don't sweat.

cold cable accessories excellent physical and mechanical features: cable accessories _ long products thought in general, general silicone rubber tensile and tear strength is low, if you want to progress of silicone rubber tensile can tear resistance, elongation reduces, the hardness will increase; And used to make the cold electric cable accessories of silicone rubber, demand together with high elongation strength and low hardness and high tensile resistance to tear strength, elongation is 800%, shaw A hardness, tensile strength reached 45 degrees 10 mpa, reach 30 kn/m.

the cold resistance of cable accessories goods tracking ability should arrive 1 a3. Level 5. Usually progress of silicone rubber resistant to tracking ability is increased a lot of aluminum hydroxide; But, a lot of increase after these packing, is bound to progress the hardness of silicone rubber, the lower the elasticity. Company has declared open advanced technology in does not affect the silicone rubber hardness, elasticity, and expand to premise, the resistance to tracking to reach 4. Level 5. And this technology can also make silicone rubber has a strong hydrophobic, rain in the production of cold shrink cable termination, neither from film, also won't form a conductive path; It can wash away the appearance of the ash layer. Namely can obviously progress cold cable terminal electric function, the use of heat shrinkable cable accessories and explore in a relatively short dark group, finish relatively large scale leakage interval.

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